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Valentine Heart Patch Pants

It can be hard to dress a boy cute for Valentine's Day, and there isn't always a great selection of screen t's with "cool" graphics. I also don't really like having to buy a shirt that is only going to be worn once. So, when I was thinking of what to … [Read more...]

Great Valentine Books for Boys

Our very first guest post comes to us from a friend of mine. Mom of two boys and Librarian for Orange County Public Libraries, Jenny. She has put together a great collection of Valentine Books for Boys. Like most holidays, Valentine’s Day brings w … [Read more...]

LEGO Valentine Factory

I love it when my boys get creative with Legos. When they are building ideas on their own and not reading instructions, I get to see their creativity and to see what is happening in their minds come to life. They amaze me with the Lego ideas they com … [Read more...]

Spring Fashion at The Children’s Place *$25 Giveaway*

Spring fashion is starting to appear in at all the clothing stores. This has to be one of my favorite seasons to buy clothes for my boys because I love them to look cute in their Easter pictures. The Children's Place has been working on their boy … [Read more...]

Star Wars: What is a Sith?

The Sith are another creation from the Star Wars franchise. Chances are you probably have a Sith or two at home right now. Darth Vader is the most popular and well-known Sith. What is a Sith? Sith (n): (Sih-th) Sith Warriors practice a way of … [Read more...]

Valentine CD Case with FREE Printable

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and we have been busy creating some rockin' boy-friendly Valentine's Day printables. Check out this fun Valentine CD case. It's a free printable just for our readers! To make the case itself, all you have … [Read more...]

You know you’re a mom of boys when…

After spending yet another Saturday in urgent care with my four year old, I needed a little boy humor. How many times have you stepped on the same broken toy? Do you own stock in bathroom cleaner? Is your favorite designer purse now a tote … [Read more...]

The Time I Bought my Boys a Kitchen Set

You know, I really never thought I would be the mom of boys, let alone three. I have always planned on being a mom to girls, maybe because I was one of three girls growing up in my family. I really like girly stuff, especially clothes. I planned on … [Read more...]

DIY Magic Duct Tape Wallet Tutorial

Here's a fun craft your boys will love. My boys have talked me into buying them all sorts of colors and patterns of duct tape, and I keep finding it all around the house. I realized it was time to do something with it. Then I remembered how to make … [Read more...]

Boy’s Valentine Fashion

When it comes to Valentine's Day fashion, finding choices for boy Valentine attire can be slim pickings. There are usually one or two red shirts to choose from, which are not all that stylish. So we've searched around and found some cool Valentine … [Read more...]

Star Wars: What is a Jedi?

Today's Boy-o-pedia entry comes from the Star Wars franchise. This world that George Lucas has created is so extremely in-depth that it's difficult to keep up with at times. If you have boys at home who love Star Wars, chances are you've heard the … [Read more...]

Valentine Lunch Idea: A Rockin’ Valentine Sandwich

What do rockin' boys eat for their Valentine's Day lunch? A Rockin' Valentine Sandwich of course! All you need is a heart-shaped cookie cutter and a sharp knife to make a little lightning bolt out of your favorite cheese or cheeses. Top a slice … [Read more...]