Yacht Club Cool – Shirt Tutorial by Alida Makes

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Hey y’all!  I’m Alida and I’m normally over at Alida Makes sharing DIY fashion tutorials, but today I’m ecstatic to be here at The Rockin’ Boys Club with a how-to for the rockin’ kid in your life!  Here’s mine…isn’t he a doll?

Yacht  Club Painted Shirt Tutorial

If you’re in the mood for Summer like I am this project will be right up your alley.  And BONUS…you can use this technique on clothing for yourself as well ;-).

You will need:
• White Tee Shirt
• Freezer paper
• Ruler
• Exacto knife
• 3 different colors of fabric paint
• Sponge paint brush
• Iron
Now, follow the steps below to create your Yacht Club Cool Shirt.

Step 1: Draw. First use your ruler to draw parallel diagonal lines.  Then draw diagonal lines going the other direction. Then draw perpendicular lines so you have triangles.

yacht_club_cool_shirt tutorial

Step 2: Cut. Cut out the triangles with an exacto knife.


Step 3: Iron. Put the freezer paper triangles, shiny side down, side by side on the tee shirt and iron them in place. Please ignore the fact that the tee shirt pictured is not sewn together, I made it from scratch, but you can do this with any old tee shirt.


Step 4: Paint. Use a sponge paint brush and stipple the fabric paint onto the fabric.  Alternate the colors.


Step 5: Let dry. Wait for it to dry at least 12 hours.  I know, I know, it’s so hard to wait.  I’m so impatient…but I know from experience that you have to wait or it will ruin everything.


Step 6: Peel the freezer paper off the shirt and Ta-Da!  You have an awesome piece of wearable art for your little man.  After you peel off the freezer paper cover the painted part with a piece of muslin (or an old sheet) and press it with the iron to seal in the paint.


And you’re DONE!

Give it to your cool kid and let him show it off…I recommend keeping a big stick around to keep all the girls off him!


Thank you Alida for sharing this awesome shirt tutorial and your rockin’ boy with The Rockin’ Boys Club! We hope that all of our readers head over to Alida Makes and check out all that you have to offer.

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