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Super Hero Valentine’s Day Printable

We are so excited to offer our readers our first free printable! We figured with Valentine's Day being just around the corner, we needed to create some boy inspired Valentine's Day artwork, so we came up with this Super Hero Valentine's Day … [Read more...]

Lego Soap and Hand Sanitizer

The boys and I made Lego soap and hand sanitizer to try and combat the germs of flu season.  Boys hands are always in need of a good washing since they play so hard and touch everything. I am constantly having to tell my boys wash their hands. With … [Read more...]

Beatles Fashion is Rad

Looking to dress your little guy in legendary rock band style. Add any of these rock star inspired fashion pieces are your boys wardrobe, a he will be ready to walk across Abbey Road like a rock star. By mixing and matching your boys classic wardrobe … [Read more...]

Boy•o•pe•dia: A mom’s guide to boys

Alderaan? Mechtogan? Omniverse? Have you ever just felt so lost about what your son was talking about? Well you're not alone. Between our boys and our husbands we've felt out of loop more times than we can count. Instead of sitting back … [Read more...]

Meet Angela

Before we had kids, my husband told me we would have three boys. I laughed it off. No one can be so sure of the gender of their babies! After our first one was born I chalked it up to luck on his part. When I got pregnant again I was so incredibly … [Read more...]

Meet Jill

I'm Jill, the founder of The Rockin' Boys Club.  I decided to create this blog in an "ah ha" moment that was inspired by one of my favorite blog writers, Laurie Turk of Tip Junkie. While attending Bloggy Bootcamp, hoping to better my blog Sandy Toes … [Read more...]

Welcome to The Rockin’ Boys Club

Being the only female in a house full of boys can be tough, but the relationship between a mom and her boys is something very special. We spend so much time trying to inject a bit of girliness into our dirty, buggy, mud-filled days, but in the end we … [Read more...]