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Boys Spring Party Line at Gap

We are loving the new Gap Kids Party Line for boys sizes 4-18. Filled with traditional and classic pieces with a splash of bright bold color, the new party line can be mixed and matched to wear at a fun party or dressed down for every day. There are … [Read more...]

Celebrate the Boy!

Searching through pinterest, you might get discouraged by the overwhelming amount of tulle, hair bows and glitter. We promise there are more boy crafts out there than you think! Two of our favorite bloggers have created a series called Celebrate the … [Read more...]

Build a LEGO Shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day

The boys and I play with Legos A LOT over here. They love the sets, but only build them once. They mostly like to be creative and build all sorts of things.....from ships and air crafts to Lego Valentine Factories. I have had my heart set on helping … [Read more...]

Camping Birthday Party: Trail Mix – Free Printable

Here is the DIY Trail Mix Station from the Camping Birthday Party I wrote about earlier this this week. Since one of our party activities was going on a nature scavenger hunt, I wanted the kids to have a carry-along snack to take with them in case … [Read more...]

Not all moms are clueless, @Mattel

I read an article today that was published a couple of weeks ago and it bothered me a bit. The article, and the Mattel executives it talked about seem to think that moms are clueless about boys. The big wigs at Mattel invited some influential … [Read more...]

Camping Birthday Party: Overview

My little Kyle turned seven on Sunday, and we celebrated with a family dinner. But a few years ago, we celebrated his fifth birthday with a Camping Birthday Party theme. If you ask any of my boys their favorite place to go, I bet you a hundred … [Read more...]

St. Patrick’s Day Boy Outfits

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner, and you want to make sure your little guy is not going to get pinched! I've rounded up some great green clothing pieces and accessories  that not only have green on them, but can also be used in your boys' … [Read more...]

Lego: What is Legends of CHIMA

    Lego: Legends of CHIMA (n): A new world in the Lego franchise in which the animals of CHIMA fight over control of a natural resource called CHI. There are many different products from this series, as well as an animated show on … [Read more...]