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Superhero Repair Kit | Printable

Boys and boo boos go hand in hand. It doesn't matter how overprotective I am, one of my boys usually get a scrap or bump during any outing we take. I used to get upset that my son was always the one to get hurt during play dates with friends. … [Read more...]

The Dirtiest Kid on the Block

I'd like you to meet the dirtiest kid on the block, my two year-old toddler Vann. The kid who constantly needs his hands and face washed. The kid who dirties 3 outfits a day and needs a nail brush to get the dirt out of his fingernails daily. … [Read more...]

Superhero Fashion is Rad

We have been talking a lot about about superheroes on the blog lately, and I thought it would be fun to share some ideas on how to dress up your boys in everyday superhero style. Add any of these pieces to your little guy's existing wardrobe to get a … [Read more...]

Make Your Baby Bibs Rock!

At the stage we're currently in, bibs are a very necessary accessory! Between the messy eating of a baby who wants to do everything himself and the drooling from teeth that are trying to make an appearance, it's hard to keep his adorable outfits … [Read more...]

5 Favorite Earth Day finds

I love that we have Earth Day each year. It is always nice to be reminded of the beautiful Earth on which we live, and that we must try our best to respect it. Whether it be to plant a tree or recycle our trash, it is important to teach our kids the … [Read more...]

J.Crew brings the 70’s back in boys swimwear

The shorter 70's style of board shorts will be all the rage in swimwear this summer. The hippest moms out there will recognize the rainbow as the signature of Sundek, the iconic surf brand of the 70's, a brand loved by California surfers. J.Crew has … [Read more...]

Star Wars Pajamas by Hanna Andersson

Your little guy can "feel the force" when getting ready for bed in these adorable Star Wars pajamas by Hanna Andersson. Known for their super soft, comfy pajamas, Hanna Andersson is the go-to-place for moms when they are looking good quality jammies. … [Read more...]

Making memories: Baseball games with my boys.

My husband is a huge baseball fan. He knows the names and stats of almost all of the players in the MLB. I can barely keep up with the changing roster of our home team, but I certainly make an effort. We are fortunate to live just a short drive from … [Read more...]

5 years to finally get a good Little League photo!

Every spring we excitedly look forward to the morning when we have to get up super early and be down at the ball field, dressed and ready for team photos. Oh wait...opposite of that! Don't you know how I feel about Little League? Anyhow...I spend … [Read more...]

Little Boys are Superheroes | Printable

I was just thinking I needed a free printable up on the bloggie today, so I whipped up this little boy superhero quote. Inspired by my Shwings story, I thought this little boy quote was adorably fitting. Yes, I do believe all my boys are superheros. … [Read more...]

Shaun White for Target Swim Suits

The other day I ran over the Target to get some swim suits for my boys. Getting swim trunks for them is NEVER easy. Both of my oldest boys are on the slender side.  I always have to size down on all short. However, my middle boy is so slender, when … [Read more...]

What 10 Year Old Boys Want for their Birthday

My rockin' boy Jack had a birthday last week and turned 10. Wow, I can't believe I have a child in double digits. We actually spent his birthday at Legoland in which we surprised him with a night stay at the Legoland Hotel. It was awesome that I … [Read more...]