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Meet Dylan: A Child Wildlife Conservationist

Here at The Rockin' Boys Club, we think there are many ways our kids can make a difference in our communities, states, countries and even the WORLD! We want to recognize some of these amazing boys who are doing just that. In our "Boys Who Rock the … [Read more...]

Don’t miss The Yoda Chronicles on Cartoon Network!

Count Dooku has set out to create the new ultimate weapon for the Sith. It’s now up to Yoda and the Padawans to stop him. That's the plot for the new Cartoon Network mini-series LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles. Remember the reveal of the … [Read more...]

Get Ready for Summer with The Children’s Place | Giveaway

Last week we took the boys to the water park. I dressed the littlest in his new swimwear from The Children's Place. I must say that it was the best decision ever. You see that bright orange rash guard? I could spot this little guy from a mile away. … [Read more...]

Choo Choo Train Lunch

When you ask your son what he wants for lunch and he exclaims "A choo choo lunch," refusing to tell you what exactly a "choo choo lunch" is, you have to get creative. Making meals for my kids is not my specialty, I am constantly looking for easy … [Read more...]

The reveal of a 5 million piece LEGO Star Wars set

Imagine the excitement of any LEGO Star Wars fan being able to witness the reveal of the Lego creation inside this mega box. This enormous LEGO set is located in the middle of New York City's Times Square. It is the largest LEGO set ever, … [Read more...]

Make your own RAD boy leggings

After doing this round-up of trendy boy leggings, I came to realize that a lot of them are a bit expensive for every day play. And knowing me, if my son was wearing those expensive leggings, I wouldn't be thrilled to see him running around outside … [Read more...]

Awesome Summer Tank Tops for boys

I haven't been a big fan of tank tops or muscle shirts for boys until recently. I purchased my  7 and 10 years olds tank tops last summer...and they quickly became a favorite clothing item for them.  They loved being cool in the summer. I can't blame … [Read more...]

‘Disney’s Planes’ new video spot

We know Disney's Planes is going to be a hit with our boys this Summer. I mean, how cool is a movie about planes that race? Before it comes out on August 9th, check out this great video spot featuring music by the film's composer, Mark … [Read more...]

Boy Leggings are the latest Fashion Trend

One of the latest trends in boys fashion is leggings. Yes, thats right..leggings. Boy leggings have recently begun rocking the fashion runways. They are super comfortable to play in and easy to put on and off. Why should girls only be allowed to wear … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day with my boys

Mother's Day. In the commercials you see on TV it's all about pampering, shopping, elaborate gifts and gourmet food. But the reality of Mother's Day is a little different, especially for a mom of three young boys. My Mother's Day always begins … [Read more...]

Iron Man has come to Ridemakerz

Do your boys like Ridemakerz? Do your boys like Iron Man? Then check out this awesome car Ridemakerz sent us! The best of the Iron Man movie wrapped up into a cool customizable car. This has quickly become my boys favorite Ridemakerz … [Read more...]

Minecraft: What is Minecraft?

If you have a computer, Xbox, or even a smart phone in your house, chances are you've heard the word Minecraft a few times. Maybe it was when your kids asked permission to download it? You may have even asked "What is Minecraft," but you probably … [Read more...]