Am I the Only Mom That Doesn’t Love Little League?

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Every spring and fall my boys remind me that it is time to sign up for baseball. So excited to find out what team they will be on, which friends will be their teammates, and what number will be on their jersey, they anxiously await their first practice. They may not be the star of the baseball team…heck, there are times when they don’t even hit the ball, but nonetheless, they love Little League. And as a mom to these little guys, I know how much baseball means to them.

And that is where my guilt lays. I hate to admit it, but here I am, a mom to a bunch of little boys who LOVE baseball….

and I DO NOT.

There, I said it.  I dread baseball season.

It’s not that I don’t want my boys to play. I love that they are excited and want to become better ball players, which I totally support. But as soon they are signed up for Little League each season, all I can think about is all the time baseball season takes up.

How I have to remember to make sure there uniforms are clean for each game…

How I have to tear apart the house looking for all those pieces of uniform so that I can get them cleaned…

How I have to juggle two boys’ practices AND games AND pictures AND pizza parties….

How I have to drag my two-year old everywhere, and keep him entertained while juggling all the above…

How I never have a free Saturday for two months, sometimes three…

And how I become a mom taxi, driving back and forth, back and forth…

Did I mention that I don’t really even like baseball? It’s not like it is the most exciting sport around….in my opinion. But all that said, I continue to partake in Little League season. Afterall, could you say “no” to a face like this?


As moms and dads, we do everything we can to make our littles happy. It doesn’t matter how much “I” dislike baseball. For all my boys know…I LOVE baseball, and they will never know otherwise.

And after all is said and done,

once it’s game day and I’m out on the field cheering for my little guys,

I finally get to feel a little bit of how my boys feel about baseball.


The joy of having a team of buddies….


the anticipation of being up at bat….


the thrill of hitting the ball and running the bases…


and the feeling of knowing you played a good game.


Baseball is not just a game…it is so much more. And it is important for my little boys to know that their mama is at their games cheering them on.

I may not LOVE Little League season,


I may not LOVE the game of baseball.

But,there are some little boys that I DO LOVE more than anything on this earth.

The happiness I witness when they’re on the baseball field makes all the stuff I don’t like about baseball season,

seem to disappear.



  1. I like baseball, but not that much. I was always excited about the “thought” of having a son in little league, until it is now here and my schedule is absolutely insane! What did we get ourselves into? However, seeing his adorable face when he gets a hit, or makes a play – that just makes my day. And so we sacrifice and become the “mom taxi” for what, the next 15 years? What we do for our little ones. :) Love your photos – as usual. XOXO Friend.

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