Four is more fun.

A few weeks ago I was out having lunch with my four year old and my 10 month old. We were sitting down and eating - well I was eating, and he was doing some sort of chair acrobatics only stopping occasionally to take a small bite of his quesadilla. … [Read more...]

Don’t miss The Yoda Chronicles on Cartoon Network!

Count Dooku has set out to create the new ultimate weapon for the Sith. It’s now up to Yoda and the Padawans to stop him. That's the plot for the new Cartoon Network mini-series LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles. Remember the reveal of the … [Read more...]

‘Disney’s Planes’ new video spot

We know Disney's Planes is going to be a hit with our boys this Summer. I mean, how cool is a movie about planes that race? Before it comes out on August 9th, check out this great video spot featuring music by the film's composer, Mark … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day with my boys

Mother's Day. In the commercials you see on TV it's all about pampering, shopping, elaborate gifts and gourmet food. But the reality of Mother's Day is a little different, especially for a mom of three young boys. My Mother's Day always begins … [Read more...]

Minecraft: What is Minecraft?

If you have a computer, Xbox, or even a smart phone in your house, chances are you've heard the word Minecraft a few times. Maybe it was when your kids asked permission to download it? You may have even asked "What is Minecraft," but you probably … [Read more...]

Make Your Baby Bibs Rock!

At the stage we're currently in, bibs are a very necessary accessory! Between the messy eating of a baby who wants to do everything himself and the drooling from teeth that are trying to make an appearance, it's hard to keep his adorable outfits … [Read more...]

Making memories: Baseball games with my boys.

My husband is a huge baseball fan. He knows the names and stats of almost all of the players in the MLB. I can barely keep up with the changing roster of our home team, but I certainly make an effort. We are fortunate to live just a short drive from … [Read more...]

‘Disney’s Planes’ voice cast – meet the characters!

A few weeks ago we told you to be on the lookout for 'Disney's Planes', and mentioned that Dane Cook would be voicing the lead role of Dusty. Well, the 'Disney's Planes' voice cast was announced finally! Alongside Dane Cook, you'll find these great … [Read more...]

Star Wars: What is a Lightsaber?

If you have Star Wars fans in your house then you probably have Lightsabers. Or, many of your household items become Lightsabers at some point in time. But what is a Lightsaber? We've got all the details to help you look like an expert. Lightsaber … [Read more...]

Lego Easter Egg Instructions

As much I love following the instructions for Lego building kits with my boys, it's also fun to make your own creations. With Easter coming up, we got out the bricks and put together a few fun Lego Easter Egg designs. You can make this craft with … [Read more...]

Easter basket ideas for boys

Easter is around the corner, and many of the Easter sections in the stores are all torn up. While I enjoy picking up some of the cute egg-shaped and pastel-colored trinkets for the Easter baskets of my boys, sometimes I like to think outside the box … [Read more...]

Trashies: What are Trashies

Have your boys asked for Trashies yet? Are you wondering, "What are Trashies?" Well, they're pretty much exactly what they sound like! Trashies (n): gross little figures that each come with a pop-open garbage can. There are hundreds to collect and … [Read more...]