What 10 Year Old Boys Want for their Birthday

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My rockin’ boy Jack had a birthday last week and turned 10. Wow, I can’t believe I have a child in double digits. We actually spent his birthday at Legoland in which we surprised him with a night stay at the Legoland Hotel. It was awesome that I could keep that secret from him for over a month! I was so excited to finally spill the beans.

Jack is my Lego loving boy, who loves figuring out how things are made and how they work. He’s super sensitive, loves baseball and drawing Star Wars characters.  I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, so he created this wish list for me. If you are wondering what a typical 10-year old boy would like for his birthday, this list will definitely help you out.

Jack’s Birthday Wish List

Hero Factory Action Figures: My boys love these….and I don’t even know what they are or what they do. But they are a line of action heros created by Lego.  You can build them and interchange their pieces. Each one has a name and story and are part of a television show on Nick Toons.


Lego Mine Craft set: He has been wanting this set for a long time. You can’t get it at Target or any toys stores, it can only be purchased at the Lego store.


Neff Shirt: A popular brand at my boys school that is known for its masked Neff hoodies. It was made popular by the snowboard industry. He wants another t-shirt…he already has five, but that is pretty much all he want to wear besides the Shawn White shirts I always get him.


Skylanders:  Ever since grandma got them this video game for Christmas, they’ve been hooked. They look forward to the weekend when they get to play for a couple of hours…and their collection is now up to 20 of these little guys. You can read more about Skylanders here.


Just Dance 4:  A dancing game for the Wii, but you can also get it for Xbox and Playstation. He really wanted this so he could dance Gangnam style….it’s hilarious.


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