The Time I Bought my Boys a Kitchen Set

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You know, I really never thought I would be the mom of boys, let alone three. I have always planned on being a mom to girls, maybe because I was one of three girls growing up in my family. I really like girly stuff, especially clothes. I planned on sewing my little girls ruffle dresses and french braiding their hair. I really love pink, but now that I have all boys….I have have had to come to the reality, that there isn’t going to be any pink around this house.

Instead, I have Star Wars, Monster Trucks, Hot Wheels, Ninjago, Bakugans, Legos, Legos and more Legos. I just don’t get boy toys. I’ve never watched a Star Wars movie, never played with action figures growing up, and I still don’t even know what Bakugans do. I am just not in love with all these toys my boys adore. It’s the one thing I have struggled with being a mom to boys.

Anyways, when my two oldest boys were younger, in my attempt to bring some sort of toy into this house that wasn’t an action figure or transportation related, I decided to buy a toy kitchen set. It’s okay for boys to cook, right? And I could definitely play kitchen with them. Now THAT I could do. However, they only played with it once or twice and then it sat in the corner of the family room, never getting touched unless I had little girl visitors.

there was the day when I came into the room and my boys were playing with all the wooden kitchen food. Every piece of food we had was lined up across the floor, and they were playing so nicely.

I thought YES, they are finally playing something I would like to play!

So I grabbed a little apron and proceeded to walk across the room to join the fun.

Then, my youngest yelled over to me.

“MOM, DON’T STEP ON THE BOMBS! You’ll get hurt.”

What??? They weren’t playing kitchen?

And at that very moment,
I came to the realization that
I would have to accept the fact
that ALL TOYS in this house would in fact become BOY TOYS.


  1. I know just what you mean. I have two boys… and a play kitchen (and the shopping cart!). Nevertheless… it sits there. Alone in their room. But you know, some of the best chefs are men! So there’s hoping.

  2. That’s cute! My mom’s best friend had 7 sons, which I’m sure many ppl thought was wonderful, but like you, she soo wanted a girl for all that pink and ruffles, etc. She had to wait to be a grandmother, but when she had a grandaughter, she made up for it!!

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