Boys Halloween Costumes from Wishcraft | #wishcraft

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I’ve got a bunch of excited little boys over here who are excited to dress up for Halloween. Dressing up is so much fun, especially when you can pretend to be your favorite super hero or character.


My boys knew exactly who they wanted to dress-up as this year…so we have already gotten their costumes. We are thrilled with them. We got them from Wishcraft by Chasing Fireflies. They have great selection of boy Halloween costumes that are great quality.

What did my boys decide to be this year? They are definitely all boy and picked costumes that (dare I say) included weapons. I guess you can’t get around that with most boys. But I have to say, they look pretty cute.

My oldest chose to be a Ninja Warrior.


I’ve been pretty impressed with his moves. I am especially happy with the quality of this costume. The construction is great, and I love all the details added to it. My son Jackson, was very pleased with his choice.


My middle son chose to be G.I. Joe Snake Eyes. Complete with fake muscles and a cool mask, it also has a great light-up chest plate.


Kyle loves his costume….and has tried it on numerous times “just to see.” I can’t what to see it Halloween night when it is dark and lights-up.


My youngest had to have the Toddler Mega Force Power Ranger Costume. He was dead set on getting it….I don’t think he even know what a Power Ranger is. I do have to say, he looks pretty cute!


The second he received the costume in the mail, he hasn’t taken it off. If you follow my Instagram feed, you would know this. He wears it everywhere. And the cute little laser gun is stuffed, not plastic, so it’s great for little kids.


Wishcraft has hundreds of great costumes kids. It was hard to choose with so many options…plus they have a lot of exclusive costumes that you can only get from them. Check out some of our favorite boy Halloween costumes, and then head over to the Wishcraft website to see the entire selection.



1. Pirate Costume | 2. 3-D Bumble Bee Transformer Costume | 3. Darth Vader Costume | 4. Mummy Costume
5. Knight Costume | 6. Iron Man Costume | 7. Dead Rocker Costume | 8. Dinosaur Costume

{disclosure:we received our costumes courtesy of Wishcraft to facilitate this review.}


  1. I swear you have the best models ever!! And they are in character too!!! So cute!

  2. cute costumes! That shot of the little power ranger is everything. LOL

  3. OMG those costumes are so great! My oldest is a ninja again this year. And my youngest is a ninja/bat…But I would love for my youngest to be that adorable dinosaur!!!

  4. These boys are rockin their costumes!!

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