Make your own RAD boy leggings

After doing this round-up of trendy boy leggings, I came to realize that a lot of them are a bit expensive for every day play. And knowing me, if my son was wearing those expensive leggings, I wouldn't be thrilled to see him running around outside … [Read more...]

Make Your Baby Bibs Rock!

At the stage we're currently in, bibs are a very necessary accessory! Between the messy eating of a baby who wants to do everything himself and the drooling from teeth that are trying to make an appearance, it's hard to keep his adorable outfits … [Read more...]

5 Favorite Earth Day finds

I love that we have Earth Day each year. It is always nice to be reminded of the beautiful Earth on which we live, and that we must try our best to respect it. Whether it be to plant a tree or recycle our trash, it is important to teach our kids the … [Read more...]

Superhero Peeps | Printable

Its a bird...it's a plane...it's Super Peep! Aren't these Superhero Peeps just the cutest? You can make them at home for a fun Easter activity, or a fun and affordable Easter basket treat. What you need: • Peeps Bunnies • Bamboo Skewers • … [Read more...]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Is that a Lego Leprechaun? Why yes! After figuring out how to build a Lego Shamrock, I had to see what else I could create with legos for St. Patrick's Day, and a leprechaun is what I came up with. Wish I could have came up with a tutorial to make … [Read more...]

DIY Lego Wrapping Paper and Table Runners

What else would your Lego-loving boy want more for his birthday than to open presents wrapped in Lego paper? Well, besides the cool Lego sets underneath the paper, of course. Licensed wrapping paper can sometimes be hard to find, or even a little … [Read more...]

Celebrate the Boy!

Searching through pinterest, you might get discouraged by the overwhelming amount of tulle, hair bows and glitter. We promise there are more boy crafts out there than you think! Two of our favorite bloggers have created a series called Celebrate the … [Read more...]

Build a LEGO Shamrock for St. Patrick’s Day

The boys and I play with Legos A LOT over here. They love the sets, but only build them once. They mostly like to be creative and build all sorts of things.....from ships and air crafts to Lego Valentine Factories. I have had my heart set on helping … [Read more...]

Make a Soap Cloud

So here is a fun experiment that you boys will think is super cool. The perfect activity to do right before bath time. Let your boys make an Ivory Soap Cloud. An easy experiment that will leave your boys with a puffy cloud of soap to take to the … [Read more...]

DIY Magic Duct Tape Wallet Tutorial

Here's a fun craft your boys will love. My boys have talked me into buying them all sorts of colors and patterns of duct tape, and I keep finding it all around the house. I realized it was time to do something with it. Then I remembered how to make … [Read more...]