Reading Book Ideas for Elementary School Boys from The Funky Polka Dot Giraffe

Hi! I'm Kyla! I blog over at Funky PolkaDot Giraffe and I'm here sharing some tips for keeping boys reading during the summer. I'm the mom of a boy and a former 2nd grade teacher, so I'm right there in the trenches with you moms trying to find … [Read more...]

Should we let kids use slingshots?

I have never been a big fan of letting my boys play with weapons. The moment I knew I was having a boy, I told myself I would never buy a toy gun or sword for him...he would not play with weapons, even if they were toys. Well, ten years later and … [Read more...]

Brands We Love | Mini Boden

One of my favorite brands of clothes for my boys growing up has been Mini Boden, a European company known for their awesome appliqué tees and long baggy shorts. Mini Boden clothing can be ordered online or through their mail catalogs. They have … [Read more...]

Don’t miss The Yoda Chronicles on Cartoon Network!

Count Dooku has set out to create the new ultimate weapon for the Sith. It’s now up to Yoda and the Padawans to stop him. That's the plot for the new Cartoon Network mini-series LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles. Remember the reveal of the … [Read more...]

The reveal of a 5 million piece LEGO Star Wars set

Imagine the excitement of any LEGO Star Wars fan being able to witness the reveal of the Lego creation inside this mega box. This enormous LEGO set is located in the middle of New York City's Times Square. It is the largest LEGO set ever, … [Read more...]

‘Disney’s Planes’ new video spot

We know Disney's Planes is going to be a hit with our boys this Summer. I mean, how cool is a movie about planes that race? Before it comes out on August 9th, check out this great video spot featuring music by the film's composer, Mark … [Read more...]

Iron Man has come to Ridemakerz

Do your boys like Ridemakerz? Do your boys like Iron Man? Then check out this awesome car Ridemakerz sent us! The best of the Iron Man movie wrapped up into a cool customizable car. This has quickly become my boys favorite Ridemakerz … [Read more...]

Chooze shoes encourage creativity

I love products that do their best to give back to society, promote a strong message and are eco-conscious. Chooze Shoes do just that. Not only are they cute and stylish for your little guy, they promote kids to think for themselves with their fun … [Read more...]

Activewear Your Boys will Love

When I was invited by Target and Champion to check out their activewear line C9 for Target at a play date with Soleil Moon Frye, I had never even thought of buying activewear for my boys. Besides their baseball uniforms, I have never had clothing set … [Read more...]

Happy Star Wars Day

Today is Star Wars Day! Star Wars fans all over the world know the force is extra powerful today. Hope your little Star Wars fan can feel it too. Other posts you might like: Celebrate Star Wars Day with Vintage Star Wars Masks Star Wars has it's … [Read more...]