Create Your Own Penny Skateboard

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Penny Skateboard

My boys love skateboarding, everything about it. So it was no surprise that Jackson wanted a Penny Skateboard for his 12th birthday. They are all the rage with the kids his age, and he’s had his eye on these brightly colored skateboards for a while now. In fact, all my boys have. On his birthday, we made his wish come true and he finally got his new Penny Skateboard! (If you would like to see some photos from Jackson’s birthday party and some great gift ideas for tweens and teens, check out this post I wrote here.)

Rasta Penny Skateboard

You can spot a Penny Skateboard by its signature big wheels and bright fun colors. These skateboards just make you smile. Their decks are made with a secret plastic formula that is designed to have the right combination of flexibility and strength for optimal performance and durability. The trucks are made from premium grade aluminum, with quality bolts, cushions, bearings and wheels to ensure a smooth easy ride.

Best Skateboards for Kids

It was so fun to see the joy on Jackson’s face when he finally got his board. We will be taking it to the skatepark soon, but we headed over to the park to try it out as soon as he got it.

Fun Skate Boards for KidsRockin Boys Penny Skateboard

The exciting thing about Penny Skateboards is that not only can you buy them already assembled, you can also choose to build your own custom board with the Penny Skateboard Customizer. With the Penny Skateboard Customizer, you can choose the colors and patterns of your own skateboard deck, wheels, trucks, bolts and accessories.Pennyboard Customizer

Customizing your own Penny Skateboard is fun and easy!

With the 3D customizer because you get to see what your board will look like as you design it on the screen. You can mix and match different color combinations until you create the perfect combination you love.

First, you pick out the size of the board you want.

Penny Board Customizer

Then you pick the colors of the deck, wheels, and trucks.

Create Your Own Pennyboard 2

Finally, you can pick the color of the bolts, choose a decorative panel for the bottom of the deck, and grip tape for the top if you want it. It is pretty cool to see what your skateboard is going to look like right on your computer screen. Once you are satisfied with your board, your order will take 2-3 days to assemble and then 1-5 to deliver via Fed Ex.

Penny Board Custom Colors

For my boys, being able to design their own skateboard is about one of the coolest things ever. Penny Skateboards are designed and built to look good, perform well, and exceed all your expectations. You can be sure that each Penny Skateboard is built with the highest quality raw materials and attention to every detail.

How to Make a Custom Skateboard

My rockin’ boy loves his new Penny Skateboard and is thrilled to finally have one. And I can’t wait to see him enjoy it. Penny Skateboards rock!!!!

Kids love Penny Skateboards

{ This is not a sponsored post. We received a skateboard to facilitate this review. }


  1. JJ Koszala says

    HI so I am wondering how you got to the customizer because I cant seem to find it anywhere on the website

  2. i would like to create my own penny board


  4. edith conejo says

    a penny board with pastel colors with aesthetic figures

  5. Wait how

  6. I want a cheap yellow and black board I can ride with my friends

  7. But how do we do it?

  8. guys i got it this post is 2015 and now they don’t do it

  9. Erene Efstathiou says

    I think they removed this feature from the penny board website because I couldn’t find it either🙁

  10. They don’t do the customizer anymore I don’t think. I got one years ago and now my little sister wants one. I can’t find a working link anywhere or see it on the website :(

  11. I’d like a simple black and bright blue with black and blue wheels

  12. Sabina says says

    How In the heck do i make one!

  13. just wondering, how can i make one

  14. Uhh its not there -_-

  15. I would also want to create my own penny board

  16. how do I start the process

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