Not all moms are clueless, @Mattel

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Hotwheels rockinboysI read an article today that was published a couple of weeks ago and it bothered me a bit. The article, and the Mattel executives it talked about seem to think that moms are clueless about boys. The big wigs at Mattel invited some influential bloggers over for mimosas, brunch, and discussion. They wanted to get some insight from the moms while also helping them to see the attraction that boys have to smashing and crashing their toy cars.

I think sometimes it’s hard for moms to relate to their sons – especially if they didn’t grow up with brothers or male cousins to play with. But the way the article came across – in my opinion anyway – was to say that we just have no idea what boys are like. One quote in particular seemed to drive that point home.

“I’m a girly girl, so it’s kind of hard to understand how these little plastic machines can be so much fun, vs. a Barbie that you can change her clothes, cut her hair, and do whatever you want.”

Girly girl or tomboy, aside, it’s about being involved with your boys. Just like girls, boys have emotions that they need to express. And they usually express them very loudly. Crashing cars, knocking down towers, making action figures wrestle each other – it’s all a part of how they are expressing themselves. It doesn’t take an expert to know that, just an involved parent.

What the article really should highlight is the fact that Mattel is making a solid effort to connect with their customers – the majority being mothers of course. It certainly makes us more likely to buy a toy for our son if we understand why they’re drawn to it and how it can help them develop in life. And Hot Wheels very much help kids develop life skills.

This is one of the reasons we started Rockin’ Boys Club, and why we bring you boy•o•pe•dia each week. To highlight and strengthen the awesome relationship that we moms have with our sons.

And Mattel, if you’re reading this, we have some great ideas on how you can connect with moms, and I’m sure our readers do too.

What do you think about Mattel’s effort? Do you feel clueless when it comes to boy toys?


  1. I am a girlie girl. Through and through. However, having boys I have played with more cars and trucks and superheroes than I ever thought possible. Am I still a girlie girl? Absolutely. But that doesn’t mean I am above getting down and playing with them the same way I would play with a Barbie. It doesn’t matter the toy, it’s about spending time and building memories. Seeing their little smiles and hearing their screeching screams as they knock down a tower that I just built is what being a mom is all about.

  2. I’m a girly girl and same with my daughter. However, we LOVE playing cars with my son. (car games, hot wheels, etc) Even my daughter has a few cars of her own so they don’t fight! We get it – Mattel is thinking along the gender lines – like we can’t figure it out? Seriously?

  3. WOW, I can’t believe there are no woman executives in Mattel. It’s funny how people form opinions on things they don’t know. Do they know that there is women in the auto industry. I grew up playing in my dad’s auto shop and I still wore a dress on Sunday’s. I also joined the military and kept my hair long. Mother’s understand boys because we raise them and isn’t their commercials suppose to educate the mothers that don’t know about the toys…

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