DIY Lego Wrapping Paper and Table Runners

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lego_wrapping_paper_diy_7 What else would your Lego-loving boy want more for his birthday than to open presents wrapped in Lego paper? Well, besides the cool Lego sets underneath the paper, of course. Licensed wrapping paper can sometimes be hard to find, or even a little pricey. But with a few items you might already have at home you can make your very own Lego wrapping paper and table runner for an extra special birthday celebration. What you need:

  • A roll of kraft paper
  • Assorted acrylic paints
  • Drill with 1.4″ bit
  • Hi-Polymer Eraser

lego_wrapping_paper_diy You should be able to find this eraser at your local craft store. Just one should do the trick! lego_wrapping_paper_diy_1   Measure a perfect square, then cut with a sharp knife.


With a pencil, divide each piece of the eraser as shown above. Draw a dot where you will be drilling each of the holes. You will drill 4 holes in the square and 8 holes in the rectangle.


Carefully hold the eraser and using the drill, drill each hole. Run the drill for a few seconds while in the hole to clean it out completely. It’s okay if the holes aren’t perfect. Your LEGO stamps are now complete.


Now you are ready to stamp your kraft paper with your LEGO stamps. Gently dip your stamp into the paint. You can also use a paint brush to get paint onto the stamp as well.  It helps to dab the excess paint onto a paper towel before you stamp the paper. If the paint fills the holes of your stamp, gently blow into the holes to clear the paint out.  You can stamp it a few times onto the paper before you reload the stamp with paint. Continue to stamp different colors until you have filled your kraft paper and then let it air dry.


And there you have it! Fun LEGO wrapping paper or a great table runner for your party.


It looks like the birthday boy likes it!


  1. I love this idea! Very cool, I will have to keep in mind for future nephew parties.

  2. What a great idea! I like the fact that it makes the gift unique.

  3. This is adorable! Thanks for the great idea — I bet it would make for cute invitations, etc…, too!

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