Easter basket ideas for boys

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Easter is around the corner, and many of the Easter sections in the stores are all torn up. While I enjoy picking up some of the cute egg-shaped and pastel-colored trinkets for the Easter baskets of my boys, sometimes I like to think outside the box and head to the regular aisles instead.

In the entertainment section I found some must-haves for my kids. Movies about superheroes, and video games. If you have a boy who loves Skylanders, then Easter is the perfect excuse to add another character to his collection! And when he sees that figurine in his Easter basket, your boy is going to be stoked!


Water balloons are a great way to welcome the warmer weather. And well, they’re kind of egg-shaped, so that’s festive. Right? And of course Bey Blades are always a favorite in our house, so my boys would be thrilled to see a new top in their Easter Baskets.


You can’t go wrong with Legos! Target usually has these mini sets in their holiday section. I think it’s fun to open up the bag and hide the Lego pieces inside of a jumbo plastic egg. Another fun addition are wiggly jiggly reptiles. They’re squishy and gross and my boys love them.


Of course Hot Wheels are a staple of every holiday for us, so we can’t pass up tucking a few new vehicles into that grass. Sometimes you can find Hot Wheels that come in their own plastic egg, but I like to buy the regular ones. I saw these glow in the dark bubbles and I had to pick some up. We’ve tried them before and they were a lot of fun, but let me warn you – you might have more than bubbles glowing in the dark!

What do you like putting in your boys’ Easter baskets?


  1. I agree with all of this!!!

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