Should we let kids use slingshots?

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I have never been a big fan of letting my boys play with weapons. The moment I knew I was having a boy, I told myself I would never buy a toy gun or sword for him…he would not play with weapons, even if they were toys. Well, ten years later and dozens of Nerf Guns and Lightsabers later, forbidding toy weapons has been a thing of the past. Overridden by the husband, claiming that boys will be boys and to let them play like boys, the kids pretend play Star Wars and army. Even household items become guns, it’s inevitable, I have come to the realization that, that is just how little boys minds work. I feel, as long as I monitor and make sure that they are being responsible an

Now that I am a full fledged boy mom, I now get excited when I see things that I think they would like….”boy things”….like Star Wars, Legos and skateboarding. Like these cool handmade wooden slingshots by Hella Slingshots. I’m a sucker when it come to handmade craftsmanship, I’m an artist, and I appreciate the creative nature that goes into art and handmade items. And what boy wouldn’t like a slingshot? It’s probably an accident waiting to happen, but with proper supervision and tutoring from an adult, kids can be taught to use things like a slingshot with care and respect…as well as have a lot  of fun with it.

.  adam-grey-hella-slingshots

These one of a kind slingshots are hand made in San Francisco by Adam Gray, from natural forked tree branches. I wouldn’t consider these slingshots toys. They are the real deal, and should be treated accordingly. Each one is carefully airbrushed with acrylic paint and outfitted with a leather projectile pouch that is attached using natural latex tubing and sinew.adam-grey-slingshot-wooden

I just love the natural feel and craftsmanship of them. I especially love the colorful designs of the Painted  Hella Slingshots. And these animal slingshots are super special. There is a slingshot  Bear, Bison and a Wolf.adam-grey-slingshot

I especially love the neon color choices. Right on trend with todays fashions…and in a slingshot no less.


And what do you use as ammo? Wooden 1/2 balls are a favorite when you’re outdoors, camping or in the woods practicing. But if you prefer to use them indoors or have worry free target practicing, hand rolled felt balls are perfect and practically harmless. OR checkout these Seedbombs containing California native wildflowers and grasses. Using a slingshots you can fling seedbombs into the hard to reach forgotten vacant lots of your city to create a wildflower oasis!adam-grey-hella-slingshot-ammo

Slingshots can be a fun activity for kids to practice their problem-solving skills, however, slingshots are not toys. Children should always be supervised by an adult when playing with slingshots.

Other precautions you should take when using a slingshot:
1) Wear eye protections.
2) Know your target and what is behind it. Make sure no one is behind it.
3) Before using a slingshot, inspect latex tubing before each shot for any signs of wear, brittleness or breakage.
4) NEVER shoot at hard surfaces. Slingshot ammo may bounce-off or ricochet, hitting someone or something you had not intended to hit.

Would you let you child play with one of these?


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  1. Wow! Who knew sling shots were so pretty! I love hand crafted toys.

  2. I think they are fine to use just like I think bb guns are ok to use under proper supervision. Obviously, we don’t want them to shoot each other with them.

  3. These are awesome!!! Probably going on the Christmas list for this year. The boys would love them! And I will probably regret it. But it’s not always about me now is it? ;)

  4. I love them!! Since we live in the country now I think Eli needs one.

  5. Yes! I would totally let me kids play with sling shots – in fact, they do! It’s cool for them to throw toys :)

  6. yes I think that is true but depending who responsible they are

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