H&M Must Haves for Boys this Spring

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Last week I checked out the boys clothes at my local H&M and was excited to find a store full of color. It was hard to resist over-buying for all my boys because I kept finding great items that would be staples in their wardrobes. Colored skinny jeans, denim skinny jeans, rocker t’s, graphic t’s and button-up shirts with adorable bow ties all made it into my shopping bags.

The best finds I would say, and must-haves this spring, are the H&M hi-top sneakers and colored skinny jeans. At just $12.95 for the sneakers and $9.95 for the jeans, I was able to buy all my kids some. Plus, there were so many fun colors to choose from.  I really love that the shoes have a velcro closure at the top and stretchy laces, so even my two year old can put on his shoes by himself. I’ve already had fun taking photos of the boys in these sneakers and jeans, the colors are great!


The spring line for sizes 1-1/2 to 8 years had a bunch of great band shirts and great stripey cardigans with elbow patches. I heart elbow patches. And the older boys line sizes 8-14 years had every color of skinny jean and solid color hoodies you would ever need. Even my oldest who prefers to wear named brand surfer type clothing found some great pieces to mix into his wardrobe.


The best thing about H&M is the prices. Most items are under $14.95…..making a shopping trip for a house full of boys affordable. And even leaving mom with a bit to spend on herself. Afterall, H&M has great looks for moms and dads too.


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