Holiday Gift Guide for Tween Boys

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Whenever I need to buy gifts for my boys, I usually feel like I’m limited to two options, cars and Legos. I mean….how many cars and Legos does a kid need (apparently the answer is never-ending). And even though my boys have Hot Wheels cars and Legos covering the house, they always ask for more. This year, I pushed them to also ask me for some other things besides their favorites, and here is what they came up with.


1. Lego Mine Craft Sets – Yep…still Legos, but these are special sets. Minecraft is loved by many tween boys…and Lego has created some Minecraft sets that my boys have been begging for. Each set has over 480 pieces and depict different worlds in the Minecraft game. If you are wondering “what is Minecraft,” we have written about it here.

2. Rainbow Loom – Is all the rage at the school these days, and my boys are constantly bringing home new rubber band bracelets. I already broke down and bought the boys a Rainbow Loom during Thanksgiving break figuring it would keep them occupied part of the time. They have been loving making bracelets, and finding tutorials to make new designs on You Tube (with my help of course). Rainbow Loom is fun for moms too.

3. Air Hogs Helix X4 Stunt – Air Hogs has a whole line of remote control airships, including helicopters, hovercrafts and planes. The boys think they all are cool, but apparently the Helix X4 Stunt is the new exciting Air Hog that everyone wants.

4. Penny Skateboard – Colorful old school skateboards that have made a popular comeback. Large wheels and a skinny decks that come in all sorts of colors.

5. Hot Wheels Car Maker – Hot Wheels is always a staple at our house. With the new Hot Wheels Car Maker, you can melt plastic and make your own car body to put onto a wheel base. You then can decorate the car body with markers and stickers.

4. Spy Gear – Boys love gadgets with special technology and cool skills. Spy Gear has a few different items such a spy glasses that see in the dark and a secret decoder watch.

7.  Skylanders Swap Force – My boys loved the original Skylanders, and ever since the new Swap Force Skylanders came out, they have been patiently waiting to start collecting them. You need the new Skylanders Swap Force portal to use the new guys.

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