Making Art Using Hot Wheels Cars

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A few mornings ago, the boys were just laying around the house. They didn’t want to do anything but watch television or play on the computer. They had enough screen time for the morning, so I turned off everything and told them to find something else to do. I could see meltdowns were about to appear as they didn’t want to play any of the games I suggested…nothing. Lost for ideas, I told my son I would help him make a movie. He has really been interested in taking pictures and video lately. But what would we video tape?

I suggested gathering up all the toy cars around the house. We could make a rainbow out of the boy’s Hot Wheel cars, something that all of the boys could participate in. Sorting colors would be perfect for my youngest, teaching my middle boy about the color wheel would be perfect for my budding artist, and I could show my oldest how to take a step by step video as we built it. Boy! This ended up being a fantastic activity for all.


We spend a good part of an hour sorting all the cars into piles of different colors. Then the boys carefully placed them into a spiral pattern, color by color. As we started with the red ones and moved on to the orange ones and so on, a beautiful rainbow toy car spiral emerged. I must say it was fabulous.


The boys got more and more excited as it increased in size and the vibrant rainbow of cars took over our living room floor. They were so proud of themselves. It just goes to show you that sometimes simple activity that cost no money at all can end up being our favorite activities.

Check out our step by step video on how to make a Hot Wheel Car Rainbow below…it pretty cool!


  1. Shannon Nowotny says

    Love your cars spiral rainbow.
    What a great idea, sometimes ideas are hard to come by. Thanks for the new idea.
    I along with my 3 kids made an i’m bored jar. On pieces of paper we wrote things to do some learning, reading,some chores, and lots of fun things, games, sports, bikes, scooters etc., toys, only 2 chances at video games or TV. We’ve been pretty busy this summer so they haven’t ended up needing it that much but they do get excited to open it up and see what they are going to do.
    Have a great summer!!!

  2. Oh man, I love this..when my little man feels better, I’m gonna show him the video and I’m sure he’ll be trying to make his own car rainbow!!!

  3. Such a good idea, Jill!! I am hoping I don’t have nearly that many cars but I probably do. :)

  4. How cool! I love me some rainbows and the kids love cars, so we could definitely make something fun like this. My kids love to draw, so we do a lot of drawing when we’ve had tech overload.

  5. Such a cute idea! I LOVE the colors!

  6. I love how you incorporated something generally considered girlie with the ultimately boy toys. That’s awesome. Too cute.

  7. Maribel Reyes says

    This is an amazing idea and the fact that even toddlers can help with sorting makes it even more appealing to me. I have a 3.5 year old who collects cars actually anything with wheels and this activity looks like a lot of fun. I plan on showing him the video so we can do something similar soon. :D Thank you for sharing.

  8. Love this idea. I will have to see if my boys try it.

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