Lego Soap and Hand Sanitizer

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lego_soap_1lego_soap_hand_sanitizerThe boys and I made Lego soap and hand sanitizer to try and combat the germs of flu season.  Boys hands are always in need of a good washing since they play so hard and touch everything. I am constantly having to tell my boys wash their hands. With flu season at it’s peak, I am especially paranoid of germs. I am sure all kids get their fair share around school, so soon as mine get home, they need to wash their hands of all those school day germies.

lego_soapSo, to make hand washing a bit more fun, I made some Lego soap and hand sanitizer. It’s a super simple idea, but it really makes the boys excited to wash up.

What You Need:
1 bottle of clear soap or hand sanitizer
Goo Gone
1) Remove labels from your soap or hand sanitizer bottles with Goo Gone.
2) Remove pump nozzle from your bottle and insert Legos. You can use the pump wand to push the Legos down into the soap or hand sanitizer.
3) Screw pump nozzle back onto soap or hand sanitizer.
4) Enjoy your boys being excited to wash their hands!


Adding the Legos sure made this gigantic bottle of hand sanitizer more cheerful.


It also adds some fun to our home decor. You could even pick Lego colors that match your house.


What boy doesn’t like Lego crafts. This was an easy project that was fun to make and perfect for little dirty hands..


  1. That looks fun!!!!!

  2. This is awesome.

  3. OMG! Awesome, awesome, awesome! My 5.75 year old (yes, he always tells you exactly how old he is) will LOVE this idea!

    Brilliant and lovely to look at.

    Many thanks and congrats on the site!

  4. I LOVE THIS!!! Can’t wait to do this with my boys. I have two little guys, let me know if you ever need a guest blogger! Great site!

  5. I love this idea. I am so gonna do this with my brothers!

  6. Hello! We published your photo on Facebook. Join us! Wash your hands with soap and water! yeah :) Team Zdrova.Strefa

  7. Lisa Minner says

    My 8 yr old nephew loves this,I let him make it himself ,with my supervision of course :), So he’s super proud and never misses an opportunity to wash & sanitize his hands. Thank you so much, we look forward to more awesome ideas & crafts on your website. Kuddos :)

  8. pinning this, and totally going to buy clear soap tomorrow. You’re a genius!

  9. What a fantastic idea!!! Love it. Jill & Angela I would love to join your blog.

  10. I saw this and instantly thought “Classroom gifts”! My daughter is in first grade and it’s the safe age to give hand sanitizes included in gift bags for the holidays. I think her classmates will get a kick out of this and so will their parents!

  11. This looks like a lot of fun!! It makes hand washing more fun and colorful for children. Legos are a huge hit with kids and even adding Lego People or other small items throughout the year to match the seasons would be fun too. I love your idea and look forward to doing that in the near future!

  12. Cressida Huang says

    Love it! I love lego and hope to see more ideas about lego…^_^

  13. Is there a particular brand of soap that works best for this? We used Target brand and the Legos failed to be ‘suspended’ in the soap – some Legos sank to the bottom and others floated to the top. So disappointing. Any suggestions or hints?

    • I love this idea – BUT – I cannot get the legos to suspend in the soap either. Just as Ann says, mine either float at the top or sink to the bottom. I used “method” hand soap from Target. What brink did the rest of you use?

  14. Sorry! Of course I meant “brand”

  15. I’m going to make this with hand sanitizer as part of a baby shower gift. Cute idea

  16. This is wonderful! I tried making one myself but can’t find small plain Legos like that. Where did you find yours?

  17. My concern is that my boys would dump the soap out to get the Legos. Has anyone had issues with this?

  18. Do you know of any girlie thinks you could use for this craft…. I love the idea but I have girls lol… TIA

  19. creative. my son would love this. two thumbs up :)

  20. Genius! Our 4 year old loves to put on hand sanitizer…and he LOVES Legos! What a great idea!

  21. A suggestion, if you have girls (or boys) that like loom bands you could put them in a hand soap!!

  22. I LOVE THIS IDEA! I am using it for a teacher gift!

  23. Love this idea! I gave it a try and all my Legos “floated” up to the top. Did the same happen with yours? Thanks for the awesome idea!

  24. Super cute! So doing it for lrgo birthday party!

  25. This is wonderful!! I plan to do this for my son’s classroom. I am sure his teacher and classmates will find it amusing.

  26. Great idea for both boys and girls! I’ve got a question. Won’t the lego pieces go to the bottle bottom? I guess the hand soap must be rather thick so the pieces won’t go to the bottom.

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