Lego: What is Legends of CHIMA

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Lego: Legends of CHIMA (n): A new world in the Lego franchise in which the animals of CHIMA fight over control of a natural resource called CHI. There are many different products from this series, as well as an animated show on Cartoon Network. There is currently a two-part, one hour episode which you can watch online, or as they re-air it.

The story follows five tribes of animals; Lions, Eagles, Crocs, Ravens and Wolves. The Lions are the sworn protectors of the CHI, having been the first of the animals to drink from the Ancient Pool. They are fair and reliable, and no one had ever challenged them in a thousand years. Until one Croc prince,  Cragger, declared that his tribe should have a greater share of the CHI orbs. A series of small skirmishes turned into larger battles and now the fate of the CHI hangs in the balance.

The animated series spends a bit of time on story and character development, making this show even more relate-able  It also features some pretty great lessons, such as sharing, friendship, and action vs consequence. Of course there’s plenty of action, too!

One of the more exciting toys from the CHIMA series are the Speedorz. As the story goes, a long time ago the animals collected rocks that had fallen from Mount Cavora and carved them into wheels of extraordinary strength and power. They fitted these to small chariots and called them Speedorz. The toy version is very exciting. The Lego Speedorz are powered by a rip cord, and they go quite fast. You can send them shooting through hoops or over obstacles. There are nine total sets, and they are definitely going to be one of the hot toys this Holiday season. You can currently find all sets except for number two in stores right now.


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