Making memories: Baseball games with my boys.

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My husband is a huge baseball fan. He knows the names and stats of almost all of the players in the MLB. I can barely keep up with the changing roster of our home team, but I certainly make an effort. We are fortunate to live just a short drive from the stadium – a stadium that offers affordable seats so we can make it to several games a month without breaking the bank. I never get tired of watching my boys’ faces light up as we walk towards the massive field.


We make sure to get there early, not just so that we can score free parking in a nearby neighborhood, but so that the boys can watch the baseball players warm up. They cheer when they catch a ball and excitedly wave their hands hoping someone will toss a ball their way. The last time we went to a game we were lucky enough to finally get one and it made their day.


When it’s time to go to our seats, we make the long trek up to the very top section. We buy the nosebleed seats because they’re affordable, but they’re also great because you can see the entire stadium. Most of the people that sit around us are families with young kids as well, so it’s always very wholesome. The rowdy people tend to stick to different areas of the stadium, thankfully.


Win or lose, we cheer on our team. We call out encouraging to each player as if they could hear us,  and we occasionally boo the other team – my boys think it’s so funny. They each have their favorite players of course, and you can tell by their level of excitement as that player steps up to the batter’s box.


Fridays are their favorite. After the game we get to sit back and watch a beautiful fireworks show from our seats. It’s a two-for-one deal.


Whether or not our team wins, we’re creating memorable moments for our boys – even the baby. He may not remember now, but as he grows older he will – they all will, and so will their love of baseball. They’ll be collecting cards and reciting stats right along with their dad, I’m sure.

But for now, we’ll just concentrate on creating memorable moments while enjoying our favorite past time.


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