Meet Jill

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Jill Parkin I’m Jill, the founder of The Rockin’ Boys Club.  I decided to create this blog in an “ah ha” moment that was inspired by one of my favorite blog writers, Laurie Turk of Tip Junkie. While attending Bloggy Bootcamp, hoping to better my blog Sandy Toes and Popsicles, I had the privilege of hearing her speak. It was a very inspiring speech, and I was lucky to catch her in the hall and have a personal chat with her. Among the words of advice she gave, 4 simple words she spoke have stuck in my head, “Write. What. You. Love.”

On my way home, I was filled with fire in my belly….ready to better my existing blog. I was going to make it better, make it prettier, make it fancier. However, those 4 words Laurie spoke kept replaying in my head. “Write. What. You. Love.”

What?  I love writing my blog, I love Orange County and sharing all the adventures my family takes around Southern California. Isn’t this what I love to write about?


BUT something kept telling me I was missing the point. Something practically shook me up and screamed at me….THERE IS SOMETHING YOU LOVE MORE than all those things. Something you love more than life itself. What about the three little bundles of  life that wake up calling you mommy each morning.  The reason you started your blog in the first place….

My boys. That was it. I love my boys. I LOVE MY BOYS!

And that it why YOU are here.

This blog is inspired my boys.  I want to have an entire website dedicated to everything boy and my adventures of being a mom to them. And although I don’t 100% love the toys they play with, their stinky shoes, and the idea that my house is almost void of pink, it is my boys who give me joy. And for the first time in a long time I know that this blog is where I need to be.

I would like you to meet the 3 little guys that inspired this new venture.

www.tonyajoy.comJackson, or Jack as I call him, is my shy nine year old who loves anything with wheels, camping, and all things Star Wars. He has been building full-sized Lego sets since he was 3 years old, and has a Lego collection that could rival the nearest Lego Store. It is very important to Jackson to dress “cool” and he is excited to wear the latest trends. I’m looking forward to helping him venture into his new love to taking video and making You Tube movies.

kyle_rockinboysKyle, at six years old, is my cuddle bug. He likes to draw, cook and create. He has amazing hand writing, and I am so excited to have a little artist on my hands. His self-given nickname is “The Sprinkle Guy” and always wants to wear his hair in a faux-hawk. He is a great little brother, big brother, and a friend to all. There isn’t a day that I don’t hear the words “I love you soooo much” come out of his mouth.

www.tonyajoy.comVann, my baby who really isn’t a baby at 2-1/2, is my little sidekick.  Being the only kid left at home with me during the day, we have a lot of fun just the two of us. You will often find us riding a pony or the train at the park. This kid LOVES horses, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he asked me to get him a real one. If you would see him ride his scooter, you would think he was 4, and I would really like to know where he got that blond hair.


I am proud and lucky to be their mom….a mommy who loves to create, host parties, and take her boys on daily outings instead of doing housework. My favorite color is green, and I love cherry pie. I never dreamed I would have all boys and always thought I’d have all girls. I’m still getting used to the whole boy thing, and am learning all about Star Wars and Ninjago.  Since there are no tutus or hair bows in my home, my boys have had to put up with my need to dress them up in cute boy clothes.  Being a mom to boys is an adventure everyday.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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