Memories of Meeting Baby Brother

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This photo melts my heart…my two older boys meeting their baby brother for the first time. Their faces are beaming with love and excitement. The realization that they were BOTH big brothers now.

It’s moments like this that the mommy in me dreams for. The pure innocence and joy exuding from my children.

However, you would never guess the conversation leading up to this photo.

It all began with my boys staying the night at grandma and grandpa’s the night before my scheduled induction of my youngest boy, Vann. We had to get to the hospital early the next morning, so it just made sense to have the boys stay there so I could have a good night’s rest to prepare for the next morning.

Everything went perfectly, and after just a couple hours in the hospital, I was blessed with another beautiful baby boy.

Phone calls were made, and arrangements for my two older boys to meet their new baby brother were made. My husband and I were anxious to see what they would think of him. Within an hour or so, they arrived at the hospital.

There was a knock at the door, and the boys ran in. “Daddy, daddy….Anakin got burned up….and he turned into Darth Vader!” exclaimed my oldest.

“Bruce, (who is my Dad, and the boys’ grandpa) did you let the boys watch Episode 3?” asked my husband.

“I guess,” said my dad, “we watched Star Wars together last night. It was on TV.”

You see, my husband hadn’t let the boys see Star Wars Episode 3 yet. He felt that it was too scary and graphic for them, and was also worried how my boys would feel about the Clone Troopers turning on the Jedi. But my dad, knowing nothing about Star Wars, thought he was being an awesome grandpa by watching Star Wars with his grandchildren. And since Episode 3 just happened to be on television, the boys got their “special” time with grandpa.

The whole thing was a bit funny, and the boys quickly forgot and turned their attention to their new baby brother.

But now-

This burnt, charred face of Anakin Skywalker during his transformation into the notorious Darth Vader…


Will always be associated with the memories of my third baby’s birth.

Vann Parkin_rockinboys

Note to self: educate Grandpa on Star Wars!


  1. aww, could anything be more special! Wonderful pictures of a great family!!!

  2. Love it. Life with boys! When we told my older son that he was going to have a baby brother, he looked at me so seriously, I knew that he was feeling the weight and importance of the moment and then he asked: “Can we have meatballs for dinner?”

  3. Heather Talley says

    I LOVE that baby picture of Vann, so sweet!

  4. That is such a great story, this is why I love the internet….it’s depicted as such a social pariah but in fact it is a human storybook in real time. Beautiful photos, beautiful family…thank you for sharing!

  5. Oh….and congratulations.

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