Shaun White for Target Swim Suits

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The other day I ran over the Target to get some swim suits for my boys. Getting swim trunks for them is NEVER easy. Both of my oldest boys are on the slender side.  I always have to size down on all short. However, my middle boy is so slender, when he should probably wear a size seven, he needs a size 4 in the waist. This doesn’t work in the length department, with him being tall, he really needs a size seven in the length.  So I was thrilled to come across these Shaun White swim suits.

First of all, my boys love the Shaun White brand, especially the skinny jeans and t-shirts. I knew they would love these swim trunks. Secondly, these swim trunks were made out of that super cool and trendy stretch fabric. The tag stated that they were for land AND water, with quick dry fabric and four-way stretch to make them comfy and to survive the “usual.” And lastly, the best surprise of them all, an adjustable waist! This is something that is hard to find with this style of swimsuit. These are the type of suits you find in a surf shop, not one of those drawstring, paper bag waist swimsuits. These are the “cool” trunks my boys beg me for.

I still had to size both boys down in size, but that is much better than 3-4 sizes down. And as suspected, they loved the suits AND look completely adorable in them. So that is one less chore for me to get done before summer. I’m so happy.


I also picked them each up a pair of Shaun White flip flops. Might as well keep the theme going. They were on sale, buy one and get the second half-off. The swimsuits were under $20, which is great compared to the $40+ price tags of their rivals. I couldn’t be more thrilled with my boys beachwear this year. They’ll be rockin’ the beach this summer.


  1. Do you know where we can get these shorts? My son loves them and has outgrown his pair from last year. I don’t see that Targer is carriying them anymore :(

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