Minecraft: What is Minecraft?

If you have a computer, Xbox, or even a smart phone in your house, chances are you've heard the word Minecraft a few times. Maybe it was when your kids asked permission to download it? You may have even asked "What is Minecraft," but you probably … [Read more...]

Star Wars: What is a Wookiee

 Wookiee (n): A type of creature from the Star Wars franchise. They are taller than humans, are covered in fur, have incredible strength and are extremely intelligent. They come from the planet Kashyyyk, where they live in cities that are interwoven … [Read more...]

Skylanders: What is Skylanders

Skylanders (n): (Sk-aye-land-ers) A series of video games that are played along with collectible toy figurines. The system uses Near Field Communication in its "Portal of Power" to interact. If you have video game-loving boys at home they have … [Read more...]

Star Wars: What is a Sith?

The Sith are another creation from the Star Wars franchise. Chances are you probably have a Sith or two at home right now. Darth Vader is the most popular and well-known Sith. What is a Sith? Sith (n): (Sih-th) Sith Warriors practice a way of … [Read more...]