Rockin’ Clean Hands – A b4 Hand Sanitizer Review

It's no secret that boys can be a little germy! Guest contributor Joyice from Raising Boys Homeschool and her Rockin' Boys tried out some b4 hand sanitizer and she's sharing her thoughts with us! We were at church Wednesday evening sitting down to … [Read more...]

Rockin’ Long Hair #likeaboy

Thanks to Mommyshorts for giving me the motivation to finally write how I feel about my boys' long hair. There's nothing more #likeaboy than just being yourself. "She is so cute!" "How old is she?" "Does she want a sticker?" These are … [Read more...]

Four is more fun.

A few weeks ago I was out having lunch with my four year old and my 10 month old. We were sitting down and eating - well I was eating, and he was doing some sort of chair acrobatics only stopping occasionally to take a small bite of his quesadilla. … [Read more...]

Not all moms are clueless, @Mattel

I read an article today that was published a couple of weeks ago and it bothered me a bit. The article, and the Mattel executives it talked about seem to think that moms are clueless about boys. The big wigs at Mattel invited some influential … [Read more...]

A Chocolate Creation

  The other day I took my two younger boys to a fun little breakfast thing at an Acai bowl cafe. There was a display on the table of coconut shells with almonds and chocolate in them. Jackson was turned off by most of the offerings, but … [Read more...]

Memories of Meeting Baby Brother

This photo melts my heart...my two older boys meeting their baby brother for the first time. Their faces are beaming with love and excitement. The realization that they were BOTH big brothers now. It's moments like this that the mommy in me dreams … [Read more...]

The Time I Bought my Boys a Kitchen Set

You know, I really never thought I would be the mom of boys, let alone three. I have always planned on being a mom to girls, maybe because I was one of three girls growing up in my family. I really like girly stuff, especially clothes. I planned on … [Read more...]