Ten Great Halloween Books for Boys

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ten halloween books for boys

Halloween is just around the corner. We’ve chosen our costumes, picked our pumpkins, decorated the house, and done a few festive crafts. Now our favorite thing to do before the holiday gets here is to pull out all of our Halloween books and read them each night before bed. We’ve rounded up some of our absolutely favorite Halloween books – full of spooky, icky, scary (and not-so-scary) things. Here are our top ten Halloween books for boys.

night before halloween book

The Night before Halloween is a fun take on the classic Christmas story with a silly Halloween spin. Join mummies, witches, ghosts, vampires, monsters and more as they get ready for their Halloween party in rhyming style. This book is not scary at all, so it’s perfect for any age. Younger kids love following along and looking at the illustrations, and older kids can even read it on their own.

Creepy Carrots

Creepy Carrots! isn’t exactly Halloween-themed, but like it’s name, it’s creepy enough to get kids in the mood for the holiday. Besides the spook-factor it has a couple of secret lessons in there so you can feel good about reading it to your boys. And hey – maybe it will even get them interested in eating some Creepy Carrots!

fly guy and the frankenfly

A list of favorite boy books wouldn’t be complete without our friend Fly Guy. Fly Guy and the Frankenfly is everything you’d expect from one of our favorite characters, but with a spooky twist! Beware of Frankenfly!

halloween hustle

Does it get any better than a dancing skeleton? Halloween Hustle‘s fun rhyming style follows Skeleton as he dances his way across town to a Halloween party. But his clumsy ways have him falling down and falling apart! Will he make it to the party in one piece?


Crankenstein is one of my favorite books, but my boys love it too. You would say “Good Morning!” Crankenstein would say “MEHHRRRR!” My boys absolutely love yelling out “MEHHRRRR” along with Crankenstein. There’s a little of him in all of us! Bonus, if you’re stumped on a Halloween costume, this would be a super fun and easy one to throw together.

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat

The Old Lady is at it again. This time she swallowed a bat! What do you think about that? There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat! is just another icky take on the original. My boys think it’s the most hilarious thing ever – and I like to remind them to not swallow bats or other Halloween creatures!

the hallo-weiner

The Hallo-wiener is another one that gets my boys giggling. I hate to admit it, but any time they’re allowed to say “weiner” is a fun time for them. Besides the silly name, this book has a great lesson and has you rooting for the main character – Oscar.

splat the cat

Another one of our favorite characters is Splat the Cat. In this lift-the-flap book, Splat the Cat: What Was That?, you follow Splat and his friends on a Halloween adventure to a haunted house. Soon it turns into a rescue mission when Splat’s pet mouse Seymour gets lost. Will they find him?

bone soup

In Bone Soup, Finnigin is a famously hungry traveling skeleton. He finds himself in a new town expecting to come across a feast, but someone has warned all of the creatures and they hid all of their food! Finnigin gets creative and uses a special ingredient to create his own feast.

skeleton hiccups

Skeleton Hiccups is another silly one that my boys just adore. What happens when a skeleton gets the hiccups? And how in the world will he get rid of them? Follow along as he tries every remedy he can think of!

There are so many Halloween books for boys, but these are just our favorites. Feel free to leave a comment and share your favorite Halloween title with us!

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