Make Your Baby Bibs Rock!

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At the stage we’re currently in, bibs are a very necessary accessory! Between the messy eating of a baby who wants to do everything himself and the drooling from teeth that are trying to make an appearance, it’s hard to keep his adorable outfits clean without the help of a bib. I’m pretty frugal, so some of the cutest bibs are a little out of my price range. Especially for something that’s just going to get dirty! So I figured I could use something around the house and make a cute upcycled baby bib.


I found a 5-pack of these bibs in different colors at Walmart for $4.00. It was a great deal, and I love that they are large so they cover almost the whole shirt. The only issue I had with them is how plain they were. But for less than $1.00 a bib I could live with it. After using them a couple times I decided they needed a little help, and thought an easy applique would make them fashionable.


I don’t have a great stash of fabric, but I do have a few cloth diapers that don’t really work anymore. The fabric they’re made out of is pretty good for not holding a stain, so I thought it would work great on the bib. I free-handed a lightning bolt shape and then cut it out of my diaper fabric. It was a little wrinkly, but once I pinned it on the bib it looked fine.


I positioned it on the bib and pinned it into place, trying to get all corners. Then I just sewed it on, using a simple zig-zag stitch around the outline of the lightning bolt. It was pretty easy as long as I went slowly and kept the very edge of the applique right in the middle of the foot of the sewing machine.


And that’s it! You could do multiple designs, something bigger, or even add a little paint if you want. I just wanted to keep it simple. Now we have a set of rockin’ bibs, and I only spent $5.00!

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