Chooze shoes encourage creativity

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I love products that do their best to give back to society, promote a strong message and are eco-conscious. Chooze Shoes do just that. Not only are they cute and stylish for your little guy, they promote kids to think for themselves with their fun color combos. And they are vegan, not made from leather or any animal ingredients.


No, you are not seeing two color options of each of these shoes, you are seeing a complete pair!  CHOOZE shoes don’t match…well at least they aren’t identical. Each pair sports two different colors or patterns that match…but not really. How fun is that.

The goal of CHOOZE  is to inspire the power of choice, creativity and to dream big. They are fun, stylish, make a statement and are great for everyday play. Their durable outsoles allow for traction, protect toes & heels, and are meant to protect the fabric. They even have memory foam insoles, which make them super comfortable.


And here’s an added bonus, Chooze shoes come in re-useable art boxes that kids can color and further explore their creativity.


Lastly, I must mention that CHOOZE is a good returns company. At the end of the year, they invest all their profits into anti-poverty programs that educate, train, support, and provide loans to women to help start their own businesses and lift themselves out of extreme poverty. The CHOOZE factory is required to uphold social compliance requirements, pay fair wages, and sign a code of conduct. And they also employ fair trade principles into how they operate. How great it that! I only wish more company could take this approach to business.

You can purchase CHOOZE shoes online or at select stores.

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  1. Justine Burgess says

    Cute and easy!

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