Boy Leggings are the latest Fashion Trend

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One of the latest trends in boys fashion is leggings. Yes, thats right..leggings. Boy leggings have recently begun rocking the fashion runways. They are super comfortable to play in and easy to put on and off. Why should girls only be allowed to wear them.


I bought my first pair of leggings for my little guy last year from the Gap in solid grey. Made of a nice thick knit, I loved their softness and ease of washing and how versatile they were, I quickly bought a few more pairs. You can see how I dressed them up for Valentine’s Day here. Pair the legging with a cute graphic tee and a cardigan, and you can get a stylish look that will turn heads. I also love the idea of pairing them with a tank in the summer.

In case you don’t know where to find boy leggings, we’ve done a round up especially for you. Below you will find a selection of boy-inspired prints, many of which are organic and/or handmade in the USA. Yes, the price tag for most of these are on the higher end. However, you can certainly just buy a  few pairs of solid leggings in the girls section of your favorite clothing store. You may even be able to find some great gender neutral patterns as well. Either way, the look is super cute and I bet your little guy could rock this latest fashion trend.Awesome Leggings for Boys

1. Thief & Bandit KIDS! Ultramarine “Mountain” Print leggings | 2. Candy Kirby Designs Organic Cotton Arrow Leggings | 3. Funky Pants – Camouflage Baggy Pants & Rain Drop Pants | 4. Mini Rodini Palm Leggings  | 5. Thief & Bandit KIDS! Ultramarine Stalactite leggings  | 6. Mini & Maximus Booyah Collection Pants | 7. Mini & Maximus Shaka Muchaka Collection Pants

What do you think about boys wearing leggings?

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  1. So cute! I like leggings on boys – but I have yet to see printed versions! I’m totally getting my boys some.

  2. Very cute! My little one used to love wearing leggings all the time when he was little.

  3. Justine Burgess says

    Love the leggings! This is a better option than just letting my little dude run around in his pajama leggings. =)

  4. Ive been a little hesitant but might consider with those animal print leggings

  5. I dress my 3 year old son up in leggings almost every day. He loves them.

  6. These photos are really showing sweat pants rather than leggins/tights. Nothing new about sweats on guys. But, boys are wearing tights more now. sometimes under shorts, and sometimes as an outer layer. Yes, they are super comfy and look great. It does require a certain body fitness though, so not for everyone.

  7. I know LulaRoe makes kids & tween leggings & a lot of there prints can be gender neutral

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