Star Wars: What is a Jedi?

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boyopedia_jediToday’s Boy-o-pedia entry comes from the Star Wars franchise. This world that George Lucas has created is so extremely in-depth that it’s difficult to keep up with at times. If you have boys at home who love Star Wars, chances are you’ve heard the word “Jedi” a few times. If you’ve ever wondered, “What is a Jedi?” we’re here to help you out!

What is a Jedi?

Jedi (n): (Jed-die) are a religious group in the Star Wars franchise. They are sworn to serve and protect the Galactic Republic from conflict. All Jedi use a power called The Force as well as weapons called lightsabers- which are swords made of a controlled plasma flow. The Jedi are governed by a Council, consisting of twelve of the most powerful and wise members of the Jedi Order. They abide by a code of morality and justice, and are trained to use the Force for good. Jedi force is sometimes referred to as “The Light Side.”

The Levels of Jedi:

  • Youngling – A child who is a Jedi-in-training, just learning to control the force and wield a lightsaber.
  • Padawan – After Youngling training, a Jedi then becomes a Padawan, or apprentice, to a more experienced Jedi.
  • Jedi Knight – One can only become a Jedi Knight after finishing all five of “the trials,” which test the Jedi’s experience and discipline.
  • Jedi Master – A Jedi Knight can become a master after successfully training a Padawan into Knight status.
  • Jedi Grand Master – Chosen by the Council, A Jedi Grand Master is the most experienced and disciplined Jedi of all.


“To answer power with power, the Jedi way this is not. In this war, a danger there is, of losing who we are.”–Yoda (Jedi Grand Master), Star Wars: The Clone Wars, “Lair of Grievous”

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