My Three Year Old’s Birthday Wish List

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My rockin’ boy Vann turned 3 today. I have to admit, I’m kinda sad. He is growing up so fast, and I miss his little bald head and baby chunk legs. I miss carrying him around on my hip and dressing him up in baby clothes. But, three is a fun age. They are so fascinated with learning new things, and even the smallest thing is exciting.


Vann is my little sidekick. We are always together. He makes me carry him everywhere…which is getting harder and harder since he is getting so big.  He loves horses and playing with cars on the couch. He also loves Legos, but not the big Duplos. He already plays with the regular sized ones, following in his big brothers footsteps. I swear he acts like a five year old, probably because of his older brothers, and his favorite thing to do is play outside.

If you are wondering what a typical 3-year old boy would like for his birthday, this list may or may not help you out.  I don’t think it’s your typical 3-year-olds wish list, but he already has all his brother’s hand-me-down toys, so he really doesn’t even need anything.

Vann’s Birthday Wish List

Horse: Yes, I mean an alive one. This kids loves horses and asks me all the time for a real one. I can tell you now that it’s never going to happen. Unless we move to the countryside or get a ranch, we will have to settle for pony rides at the park.

gallop horse

Cement Mixer: This is probably the thing he has been talking about the most. It is hard to find toy cement mixers in the stores, so we ended up ordering one from Amazon. The one we chose was the Bruder Mack Granite Cement Mixer. We expect it in the mail today, so I will let you know how he like its.


Play Doh Excavator: He really wanted an excavator that could pick up rocks or cars, and is bigger than a Hot Wheels car. We don’t have any big toy store near us, so we do most our shopping at Target. They don’t have a big selection of large Tonka size construction vehicles, so we found the next best thing. This Play Doh Excavator has been tons of fun. You can mold bricks and then maneuver it to pick them up. Plus I bought a mega pack of play doh colors which have be hours of fun so far.


Sand Toys & Toy Wheelbarrow: Playing outside in the sandbox is this boys favorite thing to do. When he spotted this child-sized wheelbarrow at Target, he begged me to get it for him. His birthday is the perfect excuse to finally get him it. Plus, Target has lots of fun sand toy kits.


iPad: Seriously…this kid loves his daddy’s iPad, but I can’t justify the price tag right now. There are some great games that teach toddlers educational things, but really, he gets enough screen time as it is.



Disneyland Annual Pass: Living in Southern California, we are lucky to have Disneyland in our very own city.  The whole family has Disneyland Annual Passes, and now that this little guy is three, I guess I have to get him one too. No more free entrance into the park…boo hoo. But we couldn’t imagine not being able to go to Disneyland on family nights without this kid.




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