The reveal of a 5 million piece LEGO Star Wars set

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Imagine the excitement of any LEGO Star Wars fan being able to witness the reveal of the Lego creation inside this mega box. This enormous LEGO set is located in the middle of New York City’s Times Square. It is the largest LEGO set ever, containing 5,335,200 pieces, weighing 45,980 lbs, and made for ages 6-850…AMAZING!

Largest Star Wars Lego Revealed in Times Square

What was inside?

Take a look at the reveal of Lego’s life-sized Star Wars X-wing Starfighter


Today, thousands of fans of all ages got to experience the reveal of the world’s largest LEGO Model, a 1:1 replica of the LEGO Star Wars X-wing Starfighter. It took 32 model builders, 5.3 million LEGO bricks and over 17,000 hours to complete. Built in the LEGO Model Shop in Kladno, Czech Republic, it is a one-to-one replica of original LEGO Star Wars set #9493. The original set had retracting wings and 560 Lego bricks, however, this one is 42x the size of the retail building set and over five million bricks!

The boys and I followed Lego’s Instagram account throughout the day to get in on the action.


We wish we were there.


This exciting reveal was put on by The Lego Group for the premiere event celebrating LEGO Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles which will debut next week, Wednesday, May 29th on Cartoon Network.


It was an exciting day for Lego fans in New York City. My boys freaked when I showed them these pictures. I can only imagine the dreams they will have of flying this life-sized Star Wars Lego X-wing Starfighter. It is amazing.

Check out more about the largest LEGO set built here.


  1. Justine Burgess says

    That’s awesome! =) I wish I could have seen that in person.

  2. that’s amazing! how cool it would have been to be there in person. sharing it with the boys :)

  3. Are you in NY? Lovely pictures!

  4. I love Star Wars. I love Legos and YODA is too cute! The end.

  5. This looks awesome! My son would be in heaven!

  6. Eli is going to freak out!

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