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My Rockin’ Boys Easter Outfits

I love dressing my boys up for Easter. For us, Easter is one of the most special holidays, so I usually like their outfits to be church-dressy...in spring time classics. I also like them to be coordinating, but not all wearing the same outfit. A … [Read more...]

Superhero Peeps | Printable

Its a bird...it's a plane...it's Super Peep! Aren't these Superhero Peeps just the cutest? You can make them at home for a fun Easter activity, or a fun and affordable Easter basket treat. What you need: • Peeps Bunnies • Bamboo Skewers • … [Read more...]

‘Disney’s Planes’ voice cast – meet the characters!

A few weeks ago we told you to be on the lookout for 'Disney's Planes', and mentioned that Dane Cook would be voicing the lead role of Dusty. Well, the 'Disney's Planes' voice cast was announced finally! Alongside Dane Cook, you'll find these great … [Read more...]

Star Wars: What is a Lightsaber?

If you have Star Wars fans in your house then you probably have Lightsabers. Or, many of your household items become Lightsabers at some point in time. But what is a Lightsaber? We've got all the details to help you look like an expert. Lightsaber … [Read more...]

Lego Easter Egg Instructions

As much I love following the instructions for Lego building kits with my boys, it's also fun to make your own creations. With Easter coming up, we got out the bricks and put together a few fun Lego Easter Egg designs. You can make this craft with … [Read more...]

Am I the Only Mom That Doesn’t Love Little League?

Every spring and fall my boys remind me that it is time to sign up for baseball. So excited to find out what team they will be on, which friends will be their teammates, and what number will be on their jersey, they anxiously await their first … [Read more...]

Easter basket ideas for boys

Easter is around the corner, and many of the Easter sections in the stores are all torn up. While I enjoy picking up some of the cute egg-shaped and pastel-colored trinkets for the Easter baskets of my boys, sometimes I like to think outside the box … [Read more...]

Camping Birthday Party: Decorating Ideas

Camping Party decor is the next post in our Camping Birthday Party series. So if you are planning to have a camping party theme, here are some decorating ideas. First off, I wish I could take credit for the adorable camping tents idea, but I saw … [Read more...]

H&M Must Haves for Boys this Spring

Last week I checked out the boys clothes at my local H&M and was excited to find a store full of color. It was hard to resist over-buying for all my boys because I kept finding great items that would be staples in their wardrobes. Colored skinny … [Read more...]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Is that a Lego Leprechaun? Why yes! After figuring out how to build a Lego Shamrock, I had to see what else I could create with legos for St. Patrick's Day, and a leprechaun is what I came up with. Wish I could have came up with a tutorial to make … [Read more...]

Trashies: What are Trashies

Have your boys asked for Trashies yet? Are you wondering, "What are Trashies?" Well, they're pretty much exactly what they sound like! Trashies (n): gross little figures that each come with a pop-open garbage can. There are hundreds to collect and … [Read more...]

DIY Lego Wrapping Paper and Table Runners

What else would your Lego-loving boy want more for his birthday than to open presents wrapped in Lego paper? Well, besides the cool Lego sets underneath the paper, of course. Licensed wrapping paper can sometimes be hard to find, or even a little … [Read more...]