Family Camping Trips Rock – Camping with Boys

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Ah, the great outdoors. I’ll be honest, the idea of sleeping in a tent on the ground is not ideal to me. Especially in an area where bears live, and where bugs feel free to get into all of your stuff. There’s running water, but no showers. There’s dirt everywhere. You can’t escape this dirt. For me, it’s not exactly a vacation. But for my boys, it is pure heaven.


“I’m king of the forest!” was proclaimed many times during the course of our trips. There’s nothing more fun than climbing on top of giant trees, rocks, or logs.


Although, walking underneath giant fallen trees is pretty cool too. Or pretty nerve-wracking if you’re a mom.


Camping food is always awesome. Cereal I wouldn’t normally buy, lots of snacks – including their favorite granola bars, spaghetti, and dessert every night.


When your dessert is S’mores made with jumbo marshmallows, no one is complaining.

camping dirt

Did I mention there’s  a lot of dirt?

dirt brothers

Everyone’s always dirty. Everyone.

camping baby

Even the baby, no matter how hard you try to keep him clean.


Luckily, you can cool down and wash off in the river. That’s about when we were all at our cleanest. Until we got out, of course.


And what better way to end your evening than with a story by the campfire from a real Ranger.

We had a lot of fun on our camping trip. Yep, even me! It was the ultimate boy-friendly vacation from start to finish, and even though I was the odd one out, I still enjoyed every second.



  1. I am not a camping type person but that sure looks like fun(for the Boyd at least) :) and jumbo marshmallow s’mores are the best!!

  2. Angela, I hate camping too. No amount of beer makes it fun for me. Still, I think camping with the Bishops might make it enjoyable.

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