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www.tonyajoy.comBefore we had kids, my husband told me we would have three boys. I laughed it off. No one can be so sure of the gender of their babies! After our first one was born I chalked it up to luck on his part. When I got pregnant again I was so incredibly sick. Even my doctor agreed that it must be a girl this time – but no, my husband was right again. Then came number three and I was hoping that I’d finally get my girl, but along came boy number three. I should have known, though. I married into a family that has only had one girl born into it in the last 70 years.

When Jill came to me with her blog idea I was absolutely thrilled. As a fellow mom of three boys I share in a lot of the same experiences as her. Although I was never the girliest of girls, it’s really a whole different world being the only female in the house. While Lego ninjas and different species of bugs aren’t my specialty, I’m definitely learning as I go – and I’m sure I’m not the only mom that is sometimes clueless about certain characters or toys. But with the help of my boys, and some of the other males in the family, I am on my way to being an expert on all things boy.

These three guys are my whole world:


Mason is the friendliest kid you’ll ever meet. He’s about to be seven years old, but most of the time he prefers hanging out and chatting with the grownups than playing with other kids. He’s very inquisitive and has more questions than there are answers in the world. He’s charming, but silly, and can’t take a “nice” picture to save his life.


Jackson is my middle child. He’s four years old and he thinks he runs the house. He’s as stubborn as can be, but also very loving. He has the most active imagination and can make a toy out of almost anything. He’s obsessed with monsters – zombies and vampires specifically – and I have no idea who turned him on to them. He loves to draw but unfortunately he isn’t very picky about where he makes his mark so I spend a lot of time scrubbing crayon and marker off of things.


Morgan is the baby. He’s my little tiny guy with a big smile. He loves interacting with people and charms everyone almost instantly. He’s very strong and determined, and I’m afraid he’ll be walking very soon. His favorite TV shows are Barney, and sports shows.

Angela Bishop

I’m the mom who doesn’t mind getting a little dirty, who’d rather go to the park than do the dishes, who wrestles just as much as Daddy does, and who doesn’t mind picking up a bug so the kids can see it. Being the mom of these three guys is the best thing I could have ever asked for.


  1. Oh, I love this blog. I have a boy and I need ideas for him

  2. This blog is gorgeous! :) With boy #2 on the way, I see myself here a lot!

  3. I love this, Angela! I’m personally ecstatic about being an all-boy mommy, and ‘experiencing’ this blog made me realize I secretly have always felt like I’m somehow cooler because of it! LOL! Ridiculous isn’t it?? Either way, I feel so welcome and comfy here. ;) Great idea!

  4. I’m a girly girl and always enjoyed having nieces to babysit. Every now and then I have a boy to babysit and they are so cute! Your boys are adorable!!!! I like the story of how your blog got started!!!

  5. Being a mom to three boys myself (one of whom happens to also be a “Jackson” like you two) I’m THRILLED to have come across this blog! It’s great to find something that caters to a family with kids of all one gender (specifically BOYS) and to get great ideas to use around Orange County. Thank you for starting this up – and keep it comin’! :)

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