What 6 Year Old Boys Want for their Birthday

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My rockin’ boy Kyle has a birthday coming up this week and he is turning 7. He is my fashion forward boy, who loves animals, being a helper and the snuggle bug of my bunch.  I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, so he created this wish list for me. If you are wondering what a typical 7-year old would like for his birthday, this list will definitely help you out.

Kyle’s Birthday Wish List

Skylanders:  My boys just recently began playing this video game and they are hooked. They look forward to the weekend when they get to play for a couple of hours…and have already collected about 12 of these little guys. You can read more about Skylanders here.


Trashies: This is one toy I just don’t get. Little rubber garbage creatures that have accessories such as garbage trucks, garbage playsets, trading cards and trash cans. Each one has a name and story.

5 pack trashies

Legos: He is excited for the new Chima Lego sets, but is also wanting a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle set as well.

lego chima

Shoes: His favorite brands are Tony Hawk, DC, EtniesShawn White, Converse and Vans.

vans shoes

Skinny Jeans: This little guy is into fashion and just loves the Shawn White and dENIZEN brands of colored skinny jeans at Target.

denizen colored skinny jeans

Neff Hat: A popular brand at my boys school that is known for its masked Neff hoodies. He wants another trucker hat…he already has one.

neff hat


  1. what a great list! My kid would love anything on there too.

  2. Heather Talley says

    Happy Birthday Kyle!

  3. When we were kids we collected Garbage Pail Kids cards! Trashies are just a different version of that I guess.

  4. how adorable!!! What an eclectic list – He obviously put a lot of thought into it. sooo cute!

  5. Great list and very in line with our 8yo! :) Wonderful site ladies!

  6. My little guy turns 6 soon and all he wants is the Arkham Asylum Lego Batman set. He can’t stop talking about it…or a phone to play games (which he is not getting).

  7. Sounds familiar. My son is turning 11 soon but it is still only skinny jeans he wears. He also loves lego and Skylanders. We are using lego kits now as incentives to save up his points each week from his reward chart till he gets enough to get one. He can redeem in between for small things but so far is saving them.

  8. Skylanders, sounds like my house and mine are 8 and 12

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