Make your own RAD boy leggings

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DIY Rockin' Boy Legging Tutorial

After doing this round-up of trendy boy leggings, I came to realize that a lot of them are a bit expensive for every day play. And knowing me, if my son was wearing those expensive leggings, I wouldn’t be thrilled to see him running around outside getting them dirty. So I thought to myself, “why not make some fun inexpensive leggings for play?” Boys need to be boys, and I don’t need the stress of worrying about ruining clothes.

Believe it or not…I made these cute legging pants for my son for only $3.50. Aren’t they RAD? I don’t think they are girly at all. These DIY boy leggings are also easy to make. It took me less than 30 minutes including prep time to make them. Check out the tutorial below on how I made them. (p.s Please forgive my blurry photos. One of my rockin’ boys dropped my camera…it needs to be repaired.)


What you need:
Pair of leggings
Fabric Paint
Eraser or Potato
X-acto Knife
Paper Towels


Once you have your supplies, cut your cardboard to fit inside your leggings. You don’t want the legging material to be stretched, so cut the cardboard the perfect size. I found the leggings in the girl section of Target on clearance for $2.98. Pajama pants could work too.


With an X-acto knife, cut your eraser into the desired shape for your stamp. (You can also use a potato which I would have used if I had one.)


On a folded paper towel, pour some of your paint and spread it out evenly on the towel. Press the stamp you created into the paint. Make sure the paint is not to gloppy. you just want a thin layer completely covering the bottom of you stamp. You can dab it onto the paper towel to get the gloppy spots off.

Then, go ahead and start stamping your leggings.  Make sure to reload the paint on you stamp each time.


You will want to start your pattern at the bottom of one leg, go up to the top waistband and then down the other leg. Make sure you keep you pattern going and even with each leg. I just eyeballed each print. I figured it was okay if they weren’t perfect, but if you are a perfectionist or are worried about lining the prints up, use a pencil to mark each spot you will stamp ahead of time.


Wait until the first side dries before starting the other side of your leggings. Do the exact same pattern, identical to the front, in order to create a design that runs all the way around your leggings seamlessly.


Pair your leggings with a tank and fun shoes, and you’ve got a fun rockin’ summer look.


You can add a vest, cardigan, or jacket for a night on the town or just wear a simple graphic tee for every day wear.


So what do you think? I wasn’t sure how I felt about boys wearing leggings. But I think this look is really fun.

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  1. This is SO cool! Really like leggings for boys and what a great DIY idea! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I used one of your photo’s and link to your website on my (dutch) blog. It’s a blog about cheap & awesome stuff for kids :) If you don’t like this, please let me know!

  3. Carrie Stein says

    Our twin boys love wearing leggings/tights. They are so comfortable. I’ve been looking for ideas since they are going to be 3 and everything we have is starting to get too small. My sister gave us some tights from Germany that they can still wear, as boys there wear them, mostly to play in. Thanks for the post!

  4. I love this!! My 5 year old son has a real problem with pants staying up…..always a plumbers crack showing…even with elastic pants, adjustable jeans, skinny jeans, dappersnapper…..I was looking for boy leggings/jeggings….this is a fantastic idea….can’t wait to make some!!!

  5. Brittney Roberts says

    THANKS SO MUCH FOR SHARING! I was looking for a pair of boy leggings and found this tutorial! Super cool

  6. Love this idea, I am definitely going to be trying this out!!

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