Awesome Summer Tank Tops for boys

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I haven’t been a big fan of tank tops or muscle shirts for boys until recently. I purchased my  7 and 10 years olds tank tops last summer…and they quickly became a favorite clothing item for them.  They loved being cool in the summer. I can’t blame them, it can get hot here in Southern California. The tanks I bought them last summer had a mix of solid bold color and grey strips…yes, I liked.


Well, this summer, tanks tops for boys are back on trend. I am not a fan of character shirts (although my boys love them) so I have been on the hunt to find some stylish tanks and muscle shirts to add to their summer wardrobes. Cartoon free (i let one slip into the mix). I found a bunch of tanks I totally love. Who knew I would get excited about boys tank tops? But I am. Here are some of my favorites.


1. Hello Kids Neon Blue Tank Hello Kids  | 2. Billabong Palmer Tank  | 3. Old Navy Color Block Tank | 4. Mini & Maximus Tiny Sharks Linen Tank | 5. Independence Muscle Tee | 6. Silver Tank | 7. Gap Junkfood Graphic Superhero tank | 8. Mini & Maximus Cheeta Surf Onesie | 9. LRG Forestation Tank | 10. Blue Crown Contrast Trim Tank |  11. Blue Crown Tribal Tank

What do you think of these? Do your boys wear tank tops? 

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  1. My boys LOVE tank tops!! We often wear the white Hanes undershirts in warm weather. And Old Navy usually comes out with one cool option each season too! You found such great options, Jill!

  2. Justine Burgess says

    Love the bright colors!

  3. how cute! my boy loves tanks tops – and he’d love any one of these. Thanks for sharing!

  4. These are great finds! I love all the neon! tanks are so cute on little boys with their tiny arm muscles :)

  5. Uptight mom here, avoiding tanks because I hate applying sunscreen to 4 boys. LOL These are cute, though — pinned!

  6. For me and my kids love tank tops everyday and it fells super good in hot weather

  7. Me and my kids only wear pure tank tops and it feel’s great and we wear the black tank tops

  8. Jennifer says

    I love tank tops it makes me feel good with the sun hitting my arms

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