Make A Minecraft Creeper Lego Ornament!

Here's a fun LEGO tutorial for the Minecraft lover in your house. A super easy Minecraft Creeper face ornament! My boys just recently started playing Minecraft. (I know, we're late to the game, but I was waiting for them to be a little older.) … [Read more...]

THE LEGO MOVIE DVD and Blu-Ray Release

One of our favorite movies is now available to own! THE LEGO MOVIE follows Emmet, an ordinary, rule-following, perfectly average LEGO minifigure who is mistakenly identified as the most extraordinary person and the key to saving the … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Custom Lego Minifigure Holiday Cards

Check this out! Your kids can make their very own custom Minifigure Holiday cards. Just visit the Minifigure Family Website, and they can customize digital Lego minifigures to look like themselves, family members and even friends. They can then pick … [Read more...]

The Rockin’ Boys Visit the Largest Lego Set Ever

When a life-sized Star Wars X-wing Fighter made of Legos was revealed in times Square earlier this year, my boys were amazed. They wished they could be in New York to see it in person. Luckily, there dreams were able to come true, because the … [Read more...]

The Rockin’ Lego Challenge – Week 7

Welcome to Week 7 of the Rockin' Lego Challenge! Thank you again to everyone who has been participating! We really love seeing each and every one of your creative entries. As usual, we chose this week's winner at random. Even if you didn't win this … [Read more...]

Announcing The Rockin’ Lego Challenge

It's no secret that we love Legos here at The Rockin' Boys Club. Since we'll be spending plenty of time this summer making awesome Lego creations, we thought it would be fun to invite all of our friends and readers to join us in a fun Lego challenge … [Read more...]

Surprise! We are staying at the Legoland Hotel

So we made it! We have arrived at the opening of The Legoland Hotel. Can you believe I kept it a secret from my boys for over a month! Of course I had to video tape their reaction. You can see their excitement in this little video I put together. … [Read more...]

We Scream for Free Legos Each Month!

Did you know that each month Lego Stores have a free monthly mini build where your child receives a  promotional Lego set. It's true! FREE Legos. On the first Tuesday of each month at five o'clock in the evening, you can visit Lego Stores where a … [Read more...]

Lego Easter Egg Instructions

As much I love following the instructions for Lego building kits with my boys, it's also fun to make your own creations. With Easter coming up, we got out the bricks and put together a few fun Lego Easter Egg designs. You can make this craft with … [Read more...]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Is that a Lego Leprechaun? Why yes! After figuring out how to build a Lego Shamrock, I had to see what else I could create with legos for St. Patrick's Day, and a leprechaun is what I came up with. Wish I could have came up with a tutorial to make … [Read more...]