Rockin’ Tooth Fairy Pillows for Boys

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It’s a funny thing…this little guy lost his first top tooth a few weeks ago, but wouldn’t even open his mouth to show us. It took the magic of Michelle from the Suitcase Studio to get this darling toothless smile out of our little guy and capture it on film. Who knows why he was embarrassed about loosing that tooth. He didn’t even save it…in fact, I had to dig around in the dirt to find it because he didn’t want anyone to know he had lost it. Silly boy.

A few weeks have passed, and he has finally embraced his new smile. In fact he lost the other front tooth…which he accidentally swallowed. Ooops! He has some sort of fear of us or himself seeing the actual tooth that has fell out.

So, in celebration of all the lost teeth around here, I thought I would do a round up of boy-inspired Tooth Fairy Pillows. As a child, I had a pretty blue tooth fairy doll pillow that hung up in the hall until one of my sibling or I needed it. Then we would place our tooth into the pocket on the fairy’s dress and place it at the foot of our bed. It was a family tradition that I will always remember. However, I seem to have failed with my boys. I haven’t bought a special tooth fairy pillow for them, they have just been placing the tooth under their pillow in a ziploc. But after searching the internet for boy tooth fairy pillows, I am adoring all these cute boy inspired pillows. I think I just might need to get a special boy tooth fairy pillow to celebrate these special tooth loss occasions.

Boy Tooth Fairy Pillow Inspiration

Tooth Fairy W0rks Boy Pillows | Puppy Tooth Fairy Pillow | Tooth Officer Pillow
Monster Tooth Fairy Pillow | Shark Tooth Fairy Pillow | Monster Tooth Fairy Pillow

Do your boys have a special Tooth Fairy Pillow?

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  1. I love the dog…and the tooth…AND the monster! Gah! Too tough to choose!

  2. What a beautiful collection! Love the tooth!

  3. Justine Burgess says

    Love those tooth pillows! So much cuter than a Ziploc. ;)

  4. These are so cute! That shark one is my fave!!! We just used our pillow this week. :) My son made ME pull his tooth. I almost threw up.

  5. OMGosh! I need to make one of these. And to think… Eli has lost 3 teeth without them. I should just do two so I’m ready for Cy!

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