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Awesome Summer Tank Tops for boys

I haven't been a big fan of tank tops or muscle shirts for boys until recently. I purchased my  7 and 10 years olds tank tops last summer...and they quickly became a favorite clothing item for them.  They loved being cool in the summer. I can't blame … [Read more...]

What 10 Year Old Boys Want for their Birthday

My rockin' boy Jack had a birthday last week and turned 10. Wow, I can't believe I have a child in double digits. We actually spent his birthday at Legoland in which we surprised him with a night stay at the Legoland Hotel. It was awesome that I … [Read more...]

Lego Fashion is Rad

It can be hard finding classic Lego clothing for kids. There are plenty of Ninjago and Star Wars graphic tees in the stores and online, but simple Lego brick in signature colors is pretty hard to find, even online. But we scoured the internet … [Read more...]

Why boys?

Recently a few emails came to us that were not very positive. Some visitors to our blog were offended by our exclusion of girls and our perpetuation of gender roles. Unfortunately those people have misunderstood our intentions, and I am deeply sorry … [Read more...]

Memories of Meeting Baby Brother

This photo melts my heart...my two older boys meeting their baby brother for the first time. Their faces are beaming with love and excitement. The realization that they were BOTH big brothers now. It's moments like this that the mommy in me dreams … [Read more...]

The Time I Bought my Boys a Kitchen Set

You know, I really never thought I would be the mom of boys, let alone three. I have always planned on being a mom to girls, maybe because I was one of three girls growing up in my family. I really like girly stuff, especially clothes. I planned on … [Read more...]

Meet Jill

I'm Jill, the founder of The Rockin' Boys Club.  I decided to create this blog in an "ah ha" moment that was inspired by one of my favorite blog writers, Laurie Turk of Tip Junkie. While attending Bloggy Bootcamp, hoping to better my blog Sandy Toes … [Read more...]

Reading Book Ideas for Elementary School Boys from The Funky Polka Dot Giraffe

Hi! I'm Kyla! I blog over at Funky PolkaDot Giraffe and I'm here sharing some tips for keeping boys reading during the summer. I'm the mom of a boy and a former 2nd grade teacher, so I'm right there in the trenches with you moms trying to find … [Read more...]