My Three Year Old’s Birthday Wish List

My rockin' boy Vann turned 3 today. I have to admit, I'm kinda sad. He is growing up so fast, and I miss his little bald head and baby chunk legs. I miss carrying him around on my hip and dressing him up in baby clothes. But, three is a fun age. They … [Read more...]

The Dirtiest Kid on the Block

I'd like you to meet the dirtiest kid on the block, my two year-old toddler Vann. The kid who constantly needs his hands and face washed. The kid who dirties 3 outfits a day and needs a nail brush to get the dirt out of his fingernails daily. … [Read more...]

Making memories: Baseball games with my boys.

My husband is a huge baseball fan. He knows the names and stats of almost all of the players in the MLB. I can barely keep up with the changing roster of our home team, but I certainly make an effort. We are fortunate to live just a short drive from … [Read more...]

5 years to finally get a good Little League photo!

Every spring we excitedly look forward to the morning when we have to get up super early and be down at the ball field, dressed and ready for team photos. Oh wait...opposite of that! Don't you know how I feel about Little League? Anyhow...I spend … [Read more...]

What 10 Year Old Boys Want for their Birthday

My rockin' boy Jack had a birthday last week and turned 10. Wow, I can't believe I have a child in double digits. We actually spent his birthday at Legoland in which we surprised him with a night stay at the Legoland Hotel. It was awesome that I … [Read more...]

Shwings Make Every Boy a Superhero

We are smitten over Shwings–Wings for your shoes...and our boys are too! They insist on adding a pair to all their shoes, and they feel like superheros when they wear them. I can not tell you how many times I have been stopped on the street by people … [Read more...]

Surprise! We are staying at the Legoland Hotel

So we made it! We have arrived at the opening of The Legoland Hotel. Can you believe I kept it a secret from my boys for over a month! Of course I had to video tape their reaction. You can see their excitement in this little video I put together. … [Read more...]

My Rockin’ Boys Easter Outfits

I love dressing my boys up for Easter. For us, Easter is one of the most special holidays, so I usually like their outfits to be church-dressy...in spring time classics. I also like them to be coordinating, but not all wearing the same outfit. A … [Read more...]

Am I the Only Mom That Doesn’t Love Little League?

Every spring and fall my boys remind me that it is time to sign up for baseball. So excited to find out what team they will be on, which friends will be their teammates, and what number will be on their jersey, they anxiously await their first … [Read more...]

Easter basket ideas for boys

Easter is around the corner, and many of the Easter sections in the stores are all torn up. While I enjoy picking up some of the cute egg-shaped and pastel-colored trinkets for the Easter baskets of my boys, sometimes I like to think outside the box … [Read more...]