Camping Birthday Party: Decorating Ideas

Camping Party decor is the next post in our Camping Birthday Party series. So if you are planning to have a camping party theme, here are some decorating ideas. First off, I wish I could take credit for the adorable camping tents idea, but I saw … [Read more...]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Is that a Lego Leprechaun? Why yes! After figuring out how to build a Lego Shamrock, I had to see what else I could create with legos for St. Patrick's Day, and a leprechaun is what I came up with. Wish I could have came up with a tutorial to make … [Read more...]

Camping Birthday Party: Trail Mix – Free Printable

Here is the DIY Trail Mix Station from the Camping Birthday Party I wrote about earlier this this week. Since one of our party activities was going on a nature scavenger hunt, I wanted the kids to have a carry-along snack to take with them in case … [Read more...]

Not all moms are clueless, @Mattel

I read an article today that was published a couple of weeks ago and it bothered me a bit. The article, and the Mattel executives it talked about seem to think that moms are clueless about boys. The big wigs at Mattel invited some influential … [Read more...]

Camping Birthday Party: Overview

My little Kyle turned seven on Sunday, and we celebrated with a family dinner. But a few years ago, we celebrated his fifth birthday with a Camping Birthday Party theme. If you ask any of my boys their favorite place to go, I bet you a hundred … [Read more...]

A Chocolate Creation

  The other day I took my two younger boys to a fun little breakfast thing at an Acai bowl cafe. There was a display on the table of coconut shells with almonds and chocolate in them. Jackson was turned off by most of the offerings, but … [Read more...]

Memories of Meeting Baby Brother

This photo melts my heart...my two older boys meeting their baby brother for the first time. Their faces are beaming with love and excitement. The realization that they were BOTH big brothers now. It's moments like this that the mommy in me dreams … [Read more...]

What 6 Year Old Boys Want for their Birthday

My rockin' boy Kyle has a birthday coming up this week and he is turning 7. He is my fashion forward boy, who loves animals, being a helper and the snuggle bug of my bunch.  I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, so he created this wish list … [Read more...]

Happy Valentine’s Day

The Rockin' Boys Club would like to wish all of you a SUPER Happy Valentine's Day!  You can get this look. Shaun White Skinny Jeans / Button Down Shirt / Trucker Hat / Vans Skate Shoes / Shoe Wings … [Read more...]

Great Valentine Books for Boys

Our very first guest post comes to us from a friend of mine. Mom of two boys and Librarian for Orange County Public Libraries, Jenny. She has put together a great collection of Valentine Books for Boys. Like most holidays, Valentine’s Day brings … [Read more...]